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The idea behind bySwarm is to collaboratively build an RPG setting using the web site community, which we call the Swarm. As writers, artists, and other community members contribute content to the setting, their submissions will be rated by the community which will earn the contributors recognition within the Swarm and potentially the larger gaming community.

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Our first project is the development of a new setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game called the Dark Golden Age. Three years ago, magic had reached a peak in power and commonality - things like flying carpets were common for transportation and magic made work a thing of the past. During that period, masters of the arcane had created various monsters and beastfolk to both entertain and serve humanity. For reasons that are still unknown though, magic suddenly ceased functioning, otherwise known as the Collapse. Things have gotten a little better over the last three years as some individuals have figured out how they could still work their magical abilities despite the sudden collapse of magic. Some have chosen to sacrifice part of themselves while others have chosen to sacrifice others in order to perform their magic. It is a dark time as the world adjusts to the post-Collapse environment.

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bySwarm Setting Updates

We'll be using this space to share mechanical additions to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game developed by the Swarm. Please feel free to contribute here or on our site whether it be via feedback or new additions.