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    Many species of giant centipedes exist of all sizes. You can adjust the stats by changing Hit Dice and size (changing Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution as appropriate) to represent a wide range of giant centipede species. The following table lists the most common variants.

    The smallest of centipedes can also form a Centipede Swarm.

    Species CR Size HD
    House Centipede 1/8 Tiny 1
    Sewer Centipede 1/4 Small 1
    Giant Centipede 1/2 Medium 1
    Hissing Centipede 1 Large 2
    Giant Whiptail Centipede 2 Huge 4
    Great Forest Centipede 6 Gargantuan 7
    Titan Centipede 9 Colossal 10