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Poisonous Creature (CR +1)

Conversion Notes

The Venomous Breath ability required a significant rewrite. The original worked like a combined poison/breath weapon with two separate saving throws required. It also had a confusion effect that lasted an hour! To simplify the effect, it was changed to a standard breath weapon with a Fortitude save to represent resisting the poison. The confusion effect was also reduced to one round per HD on a failed save to bring it in line with similar effects.

Brett, d20pfsrd Beastmaster I

Poisonous creatures are deadly to all but their own kind. Contact with toxins that surround these flukes of nature often kills their mothers and incapacitates others nearby during the birthing process. Sometimes, however, the toxic nature of poisonous creatures does not reveal itself until adolescence. These cursed children are usually cast out from their communities or killed, making those who survive to adulthood rare. No one knows what accident of birth creates a poisonous creature, and few care to give the tragic topic much study.

A poisonous creatures resembles a normal member of its race, but its body is surrounded by an invisible cloud of toxin. Often angry and resentful beings, many poisonous creatures yearn for revenge against those who are too weak to bear their presence. Some are proud of their poisonous natures and despise creatures that lack immunity to their toxic bodies.

Using the Poisonous Creature Template

This template is defined as inherited, but it can easily be used as an acquired template if desired. A deity of poisons might grant it to her favored followers, or it might result from a curse laid upon one or more creatures to prevent them from enjoying the company of their own kind. The poisonous template can also be applied to all creatures of a particular race. For instance, all trolls in your game might be poisonous trolls.

Creating a Poisonous Creature

“Poisonous creature” is an inherited template that can be applied to any living, corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A poisonous creature uses all of the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: As the base creature +1. For characters with easy access to delay poison and neutralize poison, the poisonous creature template doesn't add much of a challenge unless the base creature has a way to dispel these effects.

Alignment: Often neutral evil.

Damage: Each of the poisonous creature's natural and weapon attacks can deliver poison in addition to their normal damage.

Special Attacks: The poisonous creature retains all the base creature's special attacks and gains those described here.

Poison (Ex)

Each of the base creature's natural attacks that causes slashing or piercing damage can deliver an injected poison with each attack. The Fortitude save for the poison has a DC of 10 + 1/2 poisonous creature's HD + poisonous creature's Con modifier. The damage is 1d2 point of Constitution damage per round for six rounds. Cure is one save.

Poisonous Cloud (Ex)

A poisonous creature is constantly surrounded by an invisible cloud of poisonous gas. This inhaled poison affects any creature that breathes the air or water within 10 feet of the poisonous creature. The DC for the Fortitude save is 10 + 1/2 poisonous creature's HD + poisonous creature's Con modifier. The damage is 1d3 points of Strength damage for six rounds and grants the sickened condition for one hour. Cure is two consecutive saves. Two consecutive saves also reduces the sickened condition to 1 minute.

Toxic Flesh (Ex)

The poisonous creature's flesh exudes a contact poison. Each time a poisonous creature makes physical contact with another creature, it delivers its poison (Fortitude DC 10 + 1/2 poisonous creature's HD + poisonous creature's Con modifier, damage 1d2 points of Dexterity damage for six rounds; cure is two consecutive saves). Such contact includes grappling and successful touch or natural attacks by either the poisonous creature or its foe, unless a glove or gauntlet prevents flesh-to-flesh contact. This contact poison loses its effectiveness when removed from the poisonous creature, so it is not effective when placed upon objects. In addition, any creature that eats a poisonous creature's flesh or swallows it whole is affected by the poison as if it had touched the poisonous creature.

Venomous Breath (Ex)

Once every 1d4 rounds, a poisonous creature can spew forth a disorienting mist of contact poison in a 60-foot cone as a standard action. Each creature in the area must succeed in a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 poisonous creature's HD + poisonous creature's Con modifier) or suffer the effects of the poison. Failing the save results in 1d6 point of Intelligence damage, 1d6 point of Wisdom damage, and the creature is confused as per the spell. Saving halves the ability damage and negates the confusion effect. The confusion effect lasts for one round per HD of the poisonous creature.

Special Qualities: The poisonous creature retains all the base creature's special qualities and gains those described here.

Detect Anti-Poison (Su)

At will as a standard action, the poisonous creature can detect alchemical items, magic effects, and magic items within 30 feet that neutralize or delay poisons, or determine whether a creature in the same range is naturally immune or resistant to poisons. For each qualifier in the area, the poisonous creature can make a DC 15 Wisdom check. Success indicates that the poisonous creature knows the location of the qualifying creature, object, or magic effect and why it qualifies. Knowing the location of a hidden or invisible qualifier does not reveal it; the poisonous creature merely knows what square or squares the qualifier occupies. The poisonous creature knows the location a qualifying object, effect, or creature at the moment of the detection, but it cannot follow the qualifier's movement without another detection attempt. Most poisonous creatures use this ability to determine whether their poisons can affect a certain foe, but some spellcasting poisonous creatures use it to detect spells so that they can dispel them.

Immunity to Poison (Ex)

Poisonous creatures are immune to all poisons.

Abilities: Change from the base creature as follows: Con +4.