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Genie-Bound Creature (CR +2)


Wishes are temptations—nightmares encased in glorious dreams. They are not goals; they are longings for the impossible, and many of these unfulfilled desires remain that way. But some creatures who refuse to see the truth eventually find themselves genie-bound.

Genies are powerful lords of the elemental planes. Djinn live on Elemental Plane of Air, while the powerful efreet rule much of the Elemental Plane of Fire. The efreet bestow wishes on followers and allies at will, but only the greatest of the djinn can grant wishes.

Genie-bound creatures are beings who have sold themselves into the service of a powerful genie in exchange for granted wishes. If the genie fulfills all the victim’s wishes faithfully, the genie-bound creature must then serve the genie as a slave for one year and a day per wish granted.

Djinn treat their wish-slaves fairly well. Each genie-bound creature is a partner to them—a creature with which they struck a fair bargain. Djinn usually send their genie-bound creatures on errands or quests that are beneath their dignity. Djinni-bound creatures usually find their service lonesome and onerous, but not so terrible that they nurse dreams of escape.

Efreet, on the other hand, treat their genie-bound creatures poorly and often demand that they perform dangerous tasks. An efreeti treats its genie-bound creatures as the slaves they truly are and does what it wills with them for the duration of their service. Thus, efreeti-bound creatures often seek a means to break their pacts with their masters, but since only a wish can free them, they often end up enslaved to a new master.

Creating a Genie-Bound Creature

“Genie-bound creature” is an acquired template that can be added to any nongenie that has made a bargain with a genie in exchange for one or more wishes (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A genie-bound creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Armor Class: A djinni-bound creature gains a +4 deflection bonus to Armor Class. The djinni-bound creature’s master can revoke this benefit at will but rarely does so. An efreeti-bound creature’s Armor Class remains the same as the base creature’s.

Special Attacks: A genie-bound creature retains all the base creature’s special attacks and gains those described here.

Genie Magic (Sp)

A genie can allow its genie-bound creature to use spell-like abilities as though it were a genie of the appropriate kind. The genie-bound creature can use these spells in any manner it chooses. However, as a free action, the genie can revoke or reinstate its ability to cast them, prematurely end their durations, or spoil their effects (by changing the wine created with create wine to vinegar, for example).

The exact spell-like abilities bestowed depend on the kind of genie with which the genie-bound creature made its bargain, as follows.


At willinvisibility (self only);

1/daycreate food and water, create wine (as create water but wine instead), gaseous form, major creation, persistent image, wind walk.

Caster level equals genie-bound creature’s HD. The save DCs are Charisma-based.


At willdetect magic, produce flame, pyrotechnics, scorching ray (1 ray only);

3/dayinvisibility, wall of fire;

1/dayenlarge person, gaseous form, permanent image, polymorph (self only), reduce person.

Caster level equals genie-bound creature’s HD. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Special Qualities: A genie-bound creature retains all the base creature’s special qualities and gains the following.

Darkvision (Su)

A genie-bound creature has darkvision to a range of 60 feet.

Genie Quality: The exact genie qualities bestowed depend on the kind of genie with which the geniebound creature made its bargain, as follows.


Djinni Boon (Su)

A creature bound to a djinni gains a +4 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls so long as the djinni is pleased with it.

Energy Resistance (Su)

A djinni-bound creature gains acid resistance 20.


Energy Resistance (Su)

An efreeti bound creature gains fire resistance 20.

Genie-Bound (Su)

The genie is in constant telepathic communication with the possessed creature, imparting its thoughts and desires regardless of language or distance, even if its servitor is on another plane. The genie is constantly aware of its servant’s actions (but not its thoughts) and its condition (as though via a status spell). The servant has no special awareness of the genie but can communicate with it telepathically. Because of this bond, the genie can use plane shift to move to any location on the elemental planes, the Astral Plane, or the Material Plane that its servitor occupies at will. Genies use this power to check their slaves’ progress on the tasks set for them. A genie that is displeased with its genie-bound creature can use a standard action to deal 1d6 points of damage to it or 1d4 points of damage to any one of its ability scores. The genie can also heal a like amount of damage (regardless of its source or type) at will as a standard action.

When the genie-bound creature’s period of service ends, it loses this template and all the changes it imposed. Only a wish can free a genie-bound creature from its promise to serve the genie.

Genie Empowered (Su)

Once every 3 rounds, a genie-bound creature may choose to gain a +10 bonus on any one skill check, double its speed for the round, or gain a +5 bonus on a single saving throw it is required to make. The genie-bound creature may choose to gain the bonus on its saving throw even on another creature’s turn.

Abilities: The genie-bound creature gain 6 points to add to the base creature’s ability scores as it chooses.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +2.

Genie-Bound Characters

A genie-bound character favors whichever class the base creature does.