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Bramble (CR +1)


These wicked watchers of the woodlands haunt dark thickets in forests and fields, stalking the unwary. Most dangerous in the tangled briar patches and thorny copses they call home, brambles often make clear trails through their domains that turn into winding mazes designed to confuse and entrap victims. A bramble’s body is covered with bark-like skin and wrapped in tangled, thorny vines. Its face is wizened and cruel, and yellow eyes peer out from beneath its prickly brows.

Creating a Bramble

A bramble uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Alignment: Often neutral evil.

Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to plant with the appropriate augmented subtype. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice: Change all racial Hit Dice to d8s.  Hit Dice from class levels are unchanged.

Armor Class: If the base creature has a +1 or lower natural armor bonus, it improves by +2.

Saves: Fortitude is a bramble’s good save; Reflex and Will are poor. Recalculate the portion of each of the base creature’s save bonuses derived from racial HD. The portion of the base save bonus derived from class levels remains the same.

Weakness: A bramble gains the following weakness:

Fire Vulnerability (Ex)

A bramble takes double damage from fire unless a save for half damage is allowed, in which case the bramble takes double damage on a failed save and half damage on a successful save. If the base creature has immunity to fire, the bramble retains that quality and does not gain fire vulnerability. If the base creature has fire resistance, the bramble retains that quality, but fire vulnerability applies to any damage in excess of that resisted.

Base Attack Bonus: A bramble’s base attack bonus for its racial Hit Dice is 3/4 x racial HD (as cleric).  Its base attack bonus increases normally for any class Hit Dice it has.

Attack: The bramble retains all the base creature’s attacks, and its weapon and armor proficiencies. These attacks retain the same primary or secondary status they had for the base creature. The bramble gains a gore attack if it did not already have one. If it has other natural attacks, it must choose upon creation whether the gore is a primary or a secondary attack. It cannot thereafter change that decision.

Damage: A bramble gains a gore attack if the base creature did not already have one. Use the base damage value given for its size on the following table. Otherwise, use the value from the table or the base creature’s damage value for its gore attack, whichever is greater.

Size Slam Damage
Fine 1
Diminutive 1d2
Tiny 1d3
Small 1d4
Medium 1d6
Large 1d8
Huge 2d6
Gargantuan 2d8
Colossal 4d6

Special Attacks: A bramble retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following additional special attacks:

Entangle (Sp)

A bramble can use entangle (caster level equals bramble’s character level) once per day, plus one additional time per day for each 5 HD the bramble possesses. This ability functions like the spell of the same name, except that it affects only thorns and burr-bearing plants. A bramble is immune to the effects of its own entangle.

Grab (Ex)

To use this ability, a bramble must hit with any one of its natural attacks. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can use its thorny grasp ability.  This ability grants the bramble a +4 on CMB checks to start or maintain a grapple.

Prickle Whip (Ex)

Once per day, a bramble can unravel and detach one of the tangled strands that form its body. Doing so requires the same kind of action as drawing a melee weapon. This strand then functions as a whip sized for the bramble, except that the damage it deals is lethal and is not negated by armor or natural armor of any value. The whip becomes stiff, brittle, and useless after 1 hour.

Thorn Dart (Ex)

Twice per day per HD, a bramble can pull a long thorn from its body. Doing so requires the same kind of action as drawing a dart. This thorn functions like a dart in all ways, and the bramble is automatically proficient with it.

Thorny Grasp (Ex)

A bramble deals automatic gore damage a successful grapple check against another creature.  In addition, any creature that attempts an opposed grapple check to pin, constrict, swallow, or damage the bramble takes damage equal to the base damage for the bramble’s gore attack (unmodified by Strength).

Special Qualities: A bramble retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described here.

Thorn Walk (Sp)

This ability works like the tree stride spell (caster level equals bramble’s character level), except that the bramble can travel only through trees that produce thorns or burrs. In addition, a bramble can move through a wall of thorns or any similar thorn-related effect without taking damage or suffering any impairment. Thorn walk is usable once per day, plus one additional time per day for each 5 HD the bramble possesses.

Woodland Stride (Ex)

A bramble can move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, or similar terrain) at its normal speed without taking damage or suffering other impairment. However, thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion (except via its own entangle ability) still affect the bramble.

Abilities: Str –2 (minimum 1), Dex +4.

Skills: A bramble gains a +8 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks in forested areas and thickets.

Feats: A bramble gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip),  Simple Weapon Proficiency (dart), and Quick Draw as bonus feats.

Languages: If the bramble can speak, it gains the ability to speak Sylvan in addition to any other languages the base creature knows.

Organization: Solitary, pair, or coven (3–8).

Environment: Warm and temperate forests, or cold forests if the base creature lives in a cold environment.