Little Dudes

"How can you smite an entire population?" - Justin Beck

The Idea

Here's a brief overview of Little Dudes. More details can be found at Little Dudes.

Game play

Little Dudes is a game where indirectly control a population of "Little Dudes". The dudes (male and female) mingle, wonder, reproduce, work, study, and fight. You interact with them by placing buildings, drawing the dudes' attention by placing gift boxes, and placing a war flag on the map. There are several different ways to win the game. They range from reaching population limits, destroying the roving enemies inhabiting the world, or simply surviving for 20 minutes.

My Contributions

I worked on the dudes' artificial intelligence, dudes' emotional pushes, and the general game logic. What it essentially comes down to is made the dudes walk around, interact, and respond to the player's input.

Technologies Used

The codebase is written in C#. It utilizes DirectX to render the 3D graphics.