A user extendable, open ended, multiplayer environment. Whatever that means.


Evocosim is a game a friend and I started in 2005. The main page, as well as a playable demo, can be found at Evocosim

User Extendable 

One of our more challenging goals is for Evocosim to be a user extendable environment. The most basic implementation of this is to have users submit models for game objects. At the highest level users would  actually extend the code base. Why do we want to go though all the work to implement that? Because we want the game to evolve. On top of that we want players to feel ownership of their little part of the game.

Open Ended

Probably more aptly named Open Starting, this is another goal of Evocosim. The idea is to make a multi-genre game that doesn't require you to play every individual genre. In such a game space fighters, merchants, business people, political rulers, and military strategists would all coexist. However, someone who set out to play a strategy game might not want to make trading/mining runs to be able to get to the part of the game they enjoy. Therefore you need to start them off equipped to do what they want but not overpowered compared to, say, the space fighter.

The Team

I am in charge of Evocosim. There are two other people writing code for it, another two making models, and one other developing story and plot elements. I've written the lion's share of the code; from designing the messaging system, adding network functionality to those messages, creating the intermediary graphics engine and the basic physics engine.

Technologies Used

The codebase is written in Java. It utilizes Hibernate for object persistence, and Xith3D for interfacing with OpenGL. The models are mostly created in Blender and imported to Evocosim as *.obj files.