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I was born in 1945 (so you can do the math).  Until I was 7, I lived in Wisconsin.  My family moved to California then.  I lived in California until 1995 when I went to work in India.  I returned to live in the United States in 2005. 


I was married.  I have two adult children, one son-in-law and one grandson. 


When I was growing up, I loved playing sports.  As I entered high school, I had a kidney infection.  My doctor kept me from taking P.E. during high school.  Once I entered college, I had the ‘green light’ to take part in sports again.  Even though what I’ve done for exercise has changed over the years, I’ve been very consistent.


In 1969, I first met Yogi Bhajan.  I studied Kundalini Yoga as he taught it through the 3HO Foundation.  I continue to practice this form of yoga as a basic part of my own path2fitness.


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