I have worked in private practice since 1992, in a Primary Care setting since 1998 and have supervised counsellors some of whom undertake Primary Care work since then. I am able to integrate my work to the counsellors preferred theoretical model of working, at whatever level of experience the counsellor has reached. I have experience working with short, medium and long term counselling. I studied mental health at the Open University and also achieved my NVQ Level 3 in mental health. As a manager of a Mind Counselling service from 1998 to 2013 I have experience working with mental health issues. I am able to integrate my training and experience to a therapists's needs.

I am able to offer supervision via Skype.

My main aim in the role of supervisor derives from my own initial training and subsequent experience of creating trust and containment within a relationship;
  • Ensure safe, accountable practice;
  • Encourage risk taking and growth;
  • Develop the counsellors ability to understand the clients world;
  • Develop increased awareness of the counsellor's own strength and vulnerability;
  • Explore the emotional charges derived from working with clients;
  • Encourage self-monitoring;
  • Ongoing professional development;
  • Ensure high standards of safe and ethical practices;
  • To ensure counsellors are working within their level of competence.
The purpose of supervision is to ensure the counsellor is working to safe, professional, accountable practice and working within any relevant Code of Ethics. It is a safeguard for the counsellor and the client.

It is the shared responsibility of supervisor and counsellor to monitor the standards and ethical practice of the counsellor. Supervision can be a place to improve your skill, knowledge and understanding of the role. It provides space for you to recharge your energy and enables you to be more creative in your work.