Thank You! for your interest in this survey. The 2011 America Invents Act requires the study of the economic impacts of patent litigation on the economy. As an Assistant Professor who cares and writes about these issues, I’m independently conducting this survey in order to get the perspective of startups and entrepreneurs to support this study. The research will be used for academic purposes, including to disseminate the results and recommendations based on them to the public, and policy makers.

Who should take this survey. If you are resolve legal issues (as a CEO, GC, or independent app developer, for example) for a startup or small company, you should take this survey. You need not own a patent or even be in a technology business. The survey will take 2-15 minutes.

How your feedback will be used. Your responses will be used for the research purposes described above and will not be used or shared for any other purpose. Data will be captured anonymously and will be reported on an aggregate level. Responses that contain specifically identifying information will be deleted and not reported. Specific quotes will not be reported unless consent is provided. I will disseminate the results publicly, including via twitter (@colleen_chien)

Any Questions? Please contact me: Colleen Chien, colleenchien@gmail.com Twitter:@colleen_chien 

This survey has been approved by Santa Clara University's Office of Research Compliance and Integrity: