Dhaval Patel, Technical leader, Tinyerp Pvt. Ltd. 

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About me

Here you can find a small core dump of my life (if you're not a developer call it short summary).

Since keeping this site updated has a low priority in my life, the following content may lack something.

About me
I was born on 24th October 1982 in Ahmedabad (a city in the west of India ) where I still live.
Actually I've just ( July 2006) took a second level degree in Information Technology with curricula in Information Technology Systems. You can see my curriculum vitaehere.

The computer passion
I've always been attracted by computers, by now my main interests are related to operative systems (mostly Gnu-Linux), computer programming (C++, perl, python), security and privacy topics.

At the beginning I used computers only for fun, I just played and played. But after some time I realized they were something more useful and powerful, so I started to learn their internals and I suddenly approached to programming. I enjoy really much programming because I feel I'm creating something, it's like when you're a child and play with constructions or when you paint, play music, write,...

Reading magazines and talking with some friends I discovered the world of Open Source and I joined it. I think that adopting an Open Source mind you can really share your knowledge and experience, helping other people in the world.

I approached to Gnu-Linux with Linux-Redhat 6.1 in 1996 and I progressively migrated to it. By now I've tried lots of linux distributions, in order of time: Redhat, Mandrake, Slackware, Debian, Gentoo. My favourites distros are Gentoo and Debian.

My Hobbies
In my spare time I like to read books, listen to music, watch movies and go out with my girlfriend and my friends.
I also play some sports like swimming, running and maybe one day I'll start playing tennis again.