"Adventure means risking something; and it is only when we are doing that that we really appreciate what a splendid thing life is and how splendidly it can be lived."

- Alain Gerbault
Although I have counseled clients for several years, I was not always a counselor.

Born and raised in the north of England, I attended university just outside London and became an ambulance technician and paramedic. I worked these crafts within the busy London Ambulance Service where I discovered a passion for deep - albeit often brief -connections developed in very emotional and intense situations. In hindsight this is where I began my counselors journey.
I moved to Colorado ten years ago and have worked with chronically ill patients and their families for the past eight years within a busy hospital system. I completed a master’s degree in counseling psychology and counseling education at the University of Colorado Denver with a special emphasis in couples, marriage and family work graduating in the summer of 2013 after eighteen months of practicum and internship in a community mental health setting.
My life experiences and my passion for hearing and responding to people's stories has driven me to establish Patch Lane Counseling as a place to help, support and grow individuals and relationships. I will listen, help and provide therapy with the goal of our working together to manage your situation, discuss what is happening in your life and provide tools and future planning so you can get on with what is important to you.