Welcome to Patchateeka Publishing

Welcome to Patchateeka Publishing! A small one-Jawa business, Patchateeka Publishing is dedicated to providing great tools for success for everyone throughout the galaxy. The owner, Het Patchateeka (me!), sells artwork, operates facilities, and contributes to the Jawa culture. You may also find projects in the side menu that I'm working on or finished.

Discounts for other Jawas are offered. Let me know if you are one (have your darkness profile set to public too) and I will let you know what discount I can give you. I am also open to trades, regardless of race. I love to barter. New Republicans will also find there are discounts available should they ask for them. The Galactic Conflict will not affect my sales, and I'm open to bartering, buying, and selling with Imperial Union-supporters, Galactic Concordiate-supporters, Galactic Alliance-supporters, and the unaffiliated.

Suggestions for future products are always welcome, as are donations.

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