The Prayer Conference Line

Numbers 12:6
He said, "Listen to my words: "When a prophet of the LORD is among you, 
I reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams.

The Prayer Conference Line is a group call-in line where as many as 
45 people can call in and join Rev. Dr.  Davis in prayer.  Depending on how the Holy Spirit 
directs through prayer, there may be; a word from the Lord, teaching, scriptures read, 
testimony time, singing or more praise and shout time.  Prayer and teaching time lasts 
about an hour or however the Spirit leads.

Psalms 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear 
my voice. (This is the scripture for our 5 am, 12 noon, and 9 pm prayer times!)

The number is 218-339-3600  access code: 679436 
 3 times daily
 5am, 12noon, and 9:30pm until April 17, 2010
Sundays only @ 5 am

The Beginning of a Movement....

In May of 2009 the City of Deliverance Ministries C.O.G.I.C., Bronx, NY had to leave the building that they were housing ministry services, so in order to keep fellowship with the saints, Pastor Davis decided to have ‘prayer conference calls’ on Monday and Tuesday evenings. After 2 months of the Lord blessing the saints through prayer, praise and prophetic intercession the Lord instructed Prophet Davis to open up the prayer conference line to the believers on the Internet social website “Facebook.”

Pastor Davis replied, “Father, what do you know about “Facebook??” God said, “Open up the phone line to the believers on Facebook.” Reluctantly but obediently Pastor Davis invited the saints and at the very first prayer conference call there were 25 callers. Thus began the Prayer Conference Call Movement…. not a ministry but a movement of God to empower and help enhance the ministry and calling in the lives of the saints of God. Then the Lord instructed Dr. Davis to do a 40 day prayer vigil at 3 different times per day: 5 am, 12 noon and 9:30pm.

 The results; the lives of people are blessed! Souls are saved, bodies are literally being healed, strongholds broken, families being reunited, prayer lives are stronger and deeper, and the saints are being restored and finding their purpose in life.

 And this is only the beginning…God has big plans and big dreams for the Prayer Conference Call movement!  Dr. Davis' vision and hearts desire is to have a 24 hour always available prayer line that not only administers prayer and prophetic word, but also meets the needs of those who may be hungry, homeless, or need resources in other ways...around the state, the country, around the world.  

Glory to God!


Diane Dark,
Jan 9, 2010, 2:28 PM