Letters of Recommendation


To Whom it May Concern:


            It is with absolute confidence and a great respect that I submit this letter of recommendation for Pastor Bobby Brown.  I offer my complete endorsement for consideration in any future ministry and/or employment endeavors for which he may apply.  I have worked alongside Bobby for approximately the past 3 years (2008-2010) at Life [Link] church of the Nazarene, and have experienced his dedication and devotion first hand.  He has a tireless work ethic, and his loving, positive attitude is infectious to anyone in the room. 

            He has shown himself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called him to accomplish.  He is a strong leader, a good listener, and has been the picture of a devoted and loving husband and father to his family.

            Any company, ministry, or church would be blessed beyond measure to have Bobby in their employ.  I sincerely hope and pray that God blesses my family and I with the opportunity to serve with Bobby and his family again.


            If you have any questions about my relationship with Bobby, feel free to inquire by phone at 740-751-5704, or you may contact me via email at drivendouglas@yahoo.com.






Douglas W. Bowling

Worship Pastor

Life [Link] Community Church of the Nazarene




To Whom It May Concern,



          I am writing this letter to recommend Bobby Brown as an addition to your team.  I have personally served with him at Life [Link] Community Church and during that time I have developed a great respect for his character, integrity, and leadership abilities.  He is a very focused and passionate person who is always looking to improve and expand in what God has given him.  The work he has done for this church has reached many people in different ways around this community.  He is dedicated, hard working, and a great person to be around.

          My experience with Bobby has been wonderful.  He is always available to help those who need it and offers great advice and direction. He is eager to excel and succeed in everything he does.  He has great knowledge in computers and has a great ability to handle business matters quickly and effectively.  The youth of our church have grown by leaps and bounds under his teaching.  He knows when to push and when to step back and watch growth happen.

          I have personally been very blessed to serve with Bobby and I know you will as well.




Chad Williamson

Senior Computer Minister

Life [Link] Community Church

248 Olney Ave.  Marion, Ohio

(740)  360-8170 (Cell)





To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the privilege of knowing Bobby Brown for several years. He along with his family have been very supportive friends to my husband and myself. I have done ministry work with Bobby for approximately 10 years and most recently served as a church board member with him. Bobby has been involved in ministry in many aspects in our church. He has led small groups, coached softball teams, done Outreach, been a youth leader, and most recently was the Executive Pastor/Youth Pastor at Life [Link] Community Church. Bobby is very organized, detail oriented, and hard working. He has a huge heart for God as well as for others. Over the past 2 years I have seen Bobby grow in his abilities not only in the administrative aspect of his job but in his ability to deliver a Holy Spirit filled sermon. Bobby is a leader who prayerfully leads others with integrity and confidence. Peers respect him and teens are drawn not only to his ability to laugh and have fun with them but for a comfort and reassurance that they sometimes cannot get in their own homes. I believe Bobby Brown would do well in either an Associate or Youth Pastoral position.


Sandra Nelson

Outreach Coordinator

Life Link Community Church


To: The Future Employer of Pastor Brown.

Hello, my name is Jamie Pfeiffer, I am a small business owner in Marion, Ohio. I have been a Christian, and have attended church for 30 years. I served as a Sunday School director for five years at Marion First Church of the Nazarene and then was called to be the Treasurer and serve at a Life Link Church of the Nazarene. I also served as a Small Groups Leader for Teens and Adults. I met Pastor Brown and immediately became friends with him. As our friendship grew, we became prayer partners, accountability partners and studied the Bible in a small group together. I do not know a more Godly man and a person that is striving to be Christ like. I have the up most respect for Pastor Bobby Brown and if I need prayer I ask him to pray for me. I know Bobby is trustworthy, honest, and always sees the best in people. It was a privilege to have him as a Pastor and I am proud to call him Pastor and friend. I know God has called him to the Ministry and he was faithful to listen and I believe he would be an asset to any church.

If you would like any more information please contact me.


James M. Pfeiffer

3918 Larue Green Camp Rd.

Marion, OH 43302




Pastor Bobby and his family are gems - I am so excited to see who hits the jackpot with them!
My husband is a psychologist, we have been married for 15 years. I believe that a Pastor's call begins with a burning love to see people know/be known by Christ and grow in their Christinaity.  Pastor Bobby has that kind of love for anyone he meets and that passion is secretly, diligently, and lovingly energized by his wife Dawn. Pastor Bobby and Dawn are open, honest, hospitable, and loving to everyone equally; whether they hold high prestige or are viewed as misfits.  Pastor Bobby also has a servant's heart - he loves to do God's work and his humbled and energized when he sees God reach a person's heart.  Alexis and Elijah are delightful, tender-hearted kids who are excited about God in their own lives and in the lives of others.  I pray that the Brown Family finds a church with challenges that God has gifted them to meet and a loving staff/friends to cover them and encourage them as they step out in Faith to pursue Bobby's Call to ministry.
With Excitement,
Jenny Wise









Bobby Brown,
Sep 28, 2010, 4:27 PM
Bobby Brown,
Sep 28, 2010, 4:26 PM