Search Objective for Peter Stinson
English & Humanities * History & Social Sciences * Technology * School Leadership * Counseling

The ideal school
  • Will be small enough my Dunbar number is not exceeded, everyone knows everyone else, no one is lost, and every member of the community makes an impact.

  • Will be rigorous in approach, while meeting students where they are academically, and will prepare graduates for college and the ever-changing world ahead of them.

  • Will be progressive and create personalized, equitable, and intellectually challenging schools; the school will be a place of powerful student learning where all students have the chance to reach their fullest potential.

  • Will be independent in nature and non-profit in structure.

  • Will have a diverse student body which mirrors, as well as can be done, the world around

  • Will be honest to its mission, aligned to the stated vision, and moving with integrity to serve the schools many stakeholders.

  • Will acknowledge that all adults in the school community teach by their very presence; will recognize, nurture, and support faculty development and empowerment.

The ideal position
will mix a few of the following:

School leadership: curriculum & faculty development,
academic oversight

Administration: alumni relations, institutional development, admissions

Teaching: English & the humanities, history & the social sciences, theatre & drama, technology

Student life & leadership: personal counseling, college counseling, leadership development, residential life, student development, student activities, student discipline, cocurricular activity advising

Coaching: lacrosse, cross country, recreational sailing, extreme sledding

I am called
to a faculty position
in a small
secondary school...
a school that is a community
in more than name only,
a school where I can help students thrive,
a school where I, too, can learn,
a school my family will call home.

Delivering on passion
Several people have counseled me that my wide net shows a lack of passion for a particular role or position or discipline. Perhaps, but my passion is for small schools; my passion is for community life; my passion is for making a difference in the lives of students. If these passions are not enough, so be it.