Peter Stinson: Summary of Education
English & Humanities * History & Social Sciences * Technology * Leadership * Counseling


Ed.D. (ABD), organizational leadership & conflict management
Nova Southeastern University (expected completion 2008)

M.A., national security & strategic studies
Naval War College (2004)

Graduate Certificate, emergency & disaster management
Touro University International (2003)

M.Ed., counseling & human development
George Mason University (1987)

B.A., English (literary writing) with philosophy & history
Trinity College, CT (1984)


Saint James School, MD (1980)

Academic Coursework Completed

A listing of all undergraduate and graduate coursework completed:

Nova Southeastern University,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Degree to be conferred:
Doctor of Education,
organizational leadership & conflict management

Degree Status:
All But Dissertation

All courses 6 semester hours unless otherwise noted.

Leadership Concepts & Practices
8510 Leadership to Shape the Future
8520 Creating and Leading an Intentional Organization
8530 Developing the Organization's Human Capital
8540 Leading for Change
8550 Leading a Learning Organization

8511 Research Design and Methods (3 semester hours)
8512 Statistical Methods (3)
8513 Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis(3)

Conflict Resolution

9610 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
9620 Mediation and Negotiation Strategies
9630 Special Topics in Conflict Resolution

Applied Dissertation Seminars
8566 Concept Paper (2)
8567 Proposal (4 semester hours/in progress)
8568 Dissertation (3 semester hours/in progress)

U.S. Naval War College
Newport, Rhode Island

Degree conferred:

Master of Arts, national security & strategic studies

Each course 7 semester hours.

Strategy and Policy
National Security Decision Making
Joint Maritime Operations

Touro University International
Cypress, California

Degree conferred:

Graduate Certificate, emergency & disaster management

All courses 4 semester hours.

Emergency and Disaster Managment
MHE 505 Issues of Terrorism
MHE 507 Bio-Terrorism
MHE 509 Emergency Planning and Methodology
MHE 511 Emergency Operations

Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia


897 Psychodrama Interventions (3 semester hours)

George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia

Degree conferred:

Master of Education
, counseling & human development

All courses 3 semester hours unless otherwise noted.

305 Business Ethics


521 Foundations of Education (2)
525 Advanced Human Growth and Development
590 Education Research

Counseling and Development
604 Analysis of the Individual
606 Counseling Theory and Analysis
610 Career and Educational Counseling (4)
644 College Student Personnel Work
658 Couples and Family Counseling
666 Counseling Special Populations
668 Counseling and Development Programming
754 Practicum in Counseling and Development
790 Internship in Counseling and Development (6)

Trinity College
Hartford, Connecticut

Degree conferred:
Bachelor of Arts, English (literary writing)

All courses 3 semester hours unless otherwise noted.


252 Literary Patterns of European Development (6)
334 Advanced Literary Writing
402 Robert Frost
494 Poetry Workshop

History, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology

101 A View of Hartford (1.5)
105 The Sociological Eye
201 Cross-Cultural Perspectives
206 East Asian Civilization
207 Philosophy and the History of Science (6)
221 Origins of Western Civilization
242 Historical Patterns of European Development
SDT Sri Lank's Self-Development
362 Modern Europe

205 Logic
214 Aesthetics
301 Ancient Philosophy
302 Modern Philosophy
320 Bertrand Russell
471 Thesis: Literary Intention

Theatre and Dance

105 Introduction to the Dance
205 Dance Improvisation
301 Playwriting Workshop (6)

Computer and Physical Sciences
111 Frontiers of Physics
115L Introduction to Computing (3.75)

Physical Education

111/211 Beginning and Advanced Squash (1.5)

Unversity of East Anglia
Norwich, England

All courses 4.5 semester hours;
all courses upper-level baccalaurate level.

Arts and Humanities
Literature and Philosophy
Contemporary Poetry
Jacobean Theatre

Sonoma State University
Santa Rosa, California

385 Management of Organizational Behavior (2)