Outcome-based Measures

Outcome - Goals - Measure - Initiatives


Moving Beyond Measuring for Measurement’s Sake – A Model of Outcome-based Measures


Outcome/Desired State





All military personnel in our AOR have adequate and appropriate housing.


100% of the military personnel are living in appropriately sized housing.



% of members who are not in appropriate sized housing


Budgeting and money-use training program to military members.


Re-validate housing standards (size, etc.).


The BAH meets all housing needs for our military members.



% of members whose needs are not met with the BAH.


The Coast Guard’s owned and leased units are occupied; we’re good stewards of our resources.


We maintain a 98% occupancy for leased housing units.



% of occupancy for leased housing



Link assignment process to housing program to better predict short-term future needs.


We maintain a 98% occupancy for owned housing units.




% of occupancy for owned housing


Critical Success Factor





The BAH survey is an accurate reflection of the true cost of housing in areas of Coast Guard units.


100% of the BAH surveys are submitted on time.



% of BAH surveys submitted to DOD by deadline



AHO-delivered BAH survey training.


LANT-wide tracking system for the submission of BAH surveys.


100% Local Housing Officers have the skills to complete the BAH surveys fully.



% of BAH surveys submitted with incorrect or incomplete information


Housing managers have up to date housing occupancy information.


98% of the housing occupancy is posted within 5 days of the end of the month.




Cycle time:  % of reports posted by 5th of the month


Develop standard methodology/process across LANT for process of tracking


Database training to all housing managers/officers.