Paste Text Like

Version 1.5.0
Dated 19 Feb 2012

Freeware, Portable
(c) 2011-2012 Anand K Gupta

See Changes for changes history.

Description (of the application) :

Gives option to paste the text from clipboard, in different format, like Proper case, valid file name, hex color value, remove blanks etc. Also option for mimic typing, auto pasteboard and view the color, if possible.

Use hotkey Win+v instead of Ctrl+v for Paste Text Like options.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings`, to define the hotkey and other values.

Benefits (of using it) :

Say we make a expenses spreadsheet and put heading as "Expenses from 01/04/2011 to 15/04/2011". We will like to save the file as the header text, but when we copy and paste "Expenses from 01/04/2011 to 15/04/2011" in the save dialog, the OS throws error message. Ok, we know '/' is not supported as file name, but can't the OS convert it itself. Paste Text Like gives option to paste it as "Expenses from 01_04_2011 to 15_04_2011".

When we copy large chunk of text from say a mail which has many blank lines and paste in a new mail, we may like to remove all double blank lines. Instead of doing it manually after paste, we can use Paste Text Like to remove the blank lines and paste the text.

I can not tell how many times I have faced a situation where I got feedback of my App, where say after selecting a given prodcut name, the App is giving error. Now to check this I have to manually type the product name, no matter how complex it is (some medicine names) though it was given in the feedback mail. Simply coping and pasting on a list box do not work. Paste Text Like can mimic a typing of the clipboard text.

Reviews (of the application) :

DonationCoder : http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?topic=27967.0

Install and uninstall (on computer) :

To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Paste Text Like", and run the "Paste Text Like" exe.
To uninstall, right click on tray icon of "Paste Text Like" and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the "Paste Text Like" folder and remove the "Paste Text Like" folder.

To make this program start with Windows, please check below link for the steps to add shortcut of a program into the startup folder in more details, each accompanying with visual image.


Anti-Virus reports malware (what to do?) :

Delete the exe and it's folder. There is nothing we can do as this is false alert and we do not have resource to request all Anti-Virus companies to update their database. Similar problem is faced by small developers worldwide, check below links,
Nir's Blog
DowloadSquad's report 

Similar applications (if any) :

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Contact (for feature request, bug report etc.) :

Go to Feedback page to check latest feature request and submit your feedback.

Freeware (why?) :

As a developer, we work for commercial ventures in our day jobs, and code something more personally interesting in our spare time. We get more pleasure in making the application, which in turn helps us in our day to day activity and may also benefit others. We use freeware software made by other developers, so we feel happy if we are able to make small contribution to this freeware community.

Hope you will find this software useful.