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  • In the grades 3-5 assembly, Nettie and Webster, cyber-siblings, introduce children to the WizzyWigs — characters that represent the possible dangers to children online. Children learn rules to remember if they are confronted with these dangers and are then tested on what they learned. Clicky "raps" up the presentation.
Know The Rules: Check First
  • Students watch the "Know the Rules" rap video. They discuss checking first with a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything, getting into a car, or leaving with anyone. Students practice what was discussed through teacher-guided group skits.
Know The Rules: Take A Friend
  • Students watch the "Know the Rules" rap video and discuss the importance of taking a friend with them when going places or playing outside. They make individual map of their neighborhoods and highlight a path to a favorite play area where they would take a friend with them to be safer.
Know The Rules: Tell People No
  • Students watch the "Know the Rules" rap video and discuss what to do if someone tries to touch them in ways that make them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. Students practice saying "NO" to different scenarios and make posters to reinforce their right to stand up for themselves.
Know The Rules: Tell a Trusted Adult
  • Students watch the "Know the Rules" rap video. They learn that it is important to tell a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult if anything happens to them. Students complete an activity page and list details about three trusted adults in their lives.
UYN: Netsmartz Chat Abbreviation
  • Students discuss what abbreviations are. They watch "UYN: The NetSmartz Chat Abbreviation" and discuss UYN and other chat abbreviations. They perform the UYN lyrics in small groups and make individual UYN posters to hang at home.
UYN: The Boy Who Loved IM
  • Students play a game similar to the "telephone game." They watch "UYN: The Boy Who Loved IM" and discuss the dangers of sharing personal information online. They make stop signs to remind them to stop and "Use Your NetSmartz."
UYN: Don't Open That File!
  • Students discuss what viruses are, how quickly they can spread, and how computer viruses can damage computers. They watch "UYN: Don’t Open That File." They review the main points and decode clues to find a hidden message.
UYN: The Password Rap 1
  • Students discuss how passwords are like keys and why it is important to have a password that isn't easy to guess.
UYN: The Password Rap 2
  • Students discuss the concept of non-identifying information and basic ideas for what makes up a good password.
UYN: The Password Rap 3
  • Students learn more complex ways to create a strong password and review the importance of keeping a password private.
Meet the WizzyWigs
  • Students watch "Meet the WizzyWigs" and are introduced to possible dangers on the Internet in the form of characters named the WizzyWigs. Then they write and illustrate a story about one of the WizzyWigs.
Which WizzyWig is Which?
  • Students participate in the "Which WizzyWig is Which?" activity to help them review the WizzyWigs they previously "met." By holding up WizzyWig pictures, children identify the WizzyWigs that correspond with various Internet situations, testing their knowledge of Internet safety.
Who's Your Friend on the Internet?
  • Students watch "Who's Your Friend on the Internet?" and learn that people are not always who they say they are on the Internet. Children individually list things considered to be personal information and then discuss them as a group.
Profile Penalty
  • Students will watch the NSTeens video "Profile Penalty" and discuss online reputations and responsibilities. They will write a story illustrating the consequences of posting something inappropriate online and present that story in PowerPoint using action buttons.
Attitude Overdrive
  • Students will watch the NSTeens video "Attitude Overdrive" and discuss what to do when they encounter "griefers" while playing games online. They will make a fact wheel to remind them how to deal with griefers.