Justin Cruz
Terry Oh
Sai Kotikalapudi
Chris Chen

YouTube Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkvdE_bUgdY

Updates (4/23/2014)
    - Presented at Poster Day and showed Demo
    - Working on Final Report Due (5/6/2014)

Updates (4/22/2014)
    - Finished Poster, Abstract, and YouTube Introduction Video
    - Finishing touches on demo
    - Poster Day 12pm-2pm 4/23/2014

Updates (4/15/2014)
    - With the due date of the Poster, Abstract, and 1-minute video coming up, we are working on all three
    - We are working on making a demo to show gesture recognition with passive RFID and link it to an action
    - Implemented a Machine Learning Aspect to increase the gesture recognition

Updates (4/8/2014)
    - Working with two readers and collecting data for gestures (horizontal side to side, vertical diagonal, and back and forth)
    - Plotting data and working on finding a way to visualize and move to three antennas
    - Working on Java code to obtain real time data
    - Trying to work on MATLAB code that can process the real time Java data stream

Updates (4/1/2014)
    - Collected data for "L" shape for two antennas
    - Working on visualizing the data
    - Started working on abstract and set a schedule for the next three weeks
    - Created a TCP connection using JAVA and MATLAB to obtain and process data from antennas 

Updates (3/25/2014)
    - Showed plots of data and tried to find a correlation between the information and movement of tags
    - Decided to do more experiments because we needed more information
    - Did another experiment to get information of tags moving vertically and horizontally
    - Planning on coming to lab more often to test zoning

Updates (3/18/2014)
    - SPRING BREAK: No meeting.

Updates (3/11/2014)
    - Presented a demo on implementation of HOG algorithm
    - Working on visualizing real data from RFID tags

Updates (3/4/2014)
    - Our new goal is to try to implement R-HOG (Rectangular Histogram of Gradients) as a pattern recognition Algorithm
    - Asked questions on how to implement and how to visualize RFID data
    - Showed data collected from RFID Sensors when moving tags horizontally and vertically

Updates (2/25/2014):
    - Presented a Demo to Professor Marsic
    - Showed a MATLAB GUI of our Image Recognition using pixel and scaling recognition algorithms
    - Showed collected data from RFID Sensors and graphed it showing graphs using averaging and our own attempt at a filter

Updates (2/18/2014:
    - Implemented modification of pattern recognition to work with drawn images (simulating noise)
    - Working on trying to move away from pixel matching and moving to vectorization and scaling
    - Designed a zoning plan for the implementation of the RFID antennas.
    - Fine tuning of filter as well as looking into bash processing's potential application to this project.
    - Working on streaming of RFID's data. 

Updates (2/11/2014):
    - Implemented normalization of images to compare to library (resizing and cropping)
    - Working on trying to make pattern recognition work with noise
    - Started setting up streaming of RFID's data. 
    - Built basic filter to be used. 

Updates (2/04/2014):
    - Created Basic Pattern Recognition using MATLAB
    - Working on rescaling images and cropping to relevant data 
    - Worked with the an antenna to collect stationary data from RFID tags.

Updates (1/28/2014):
    - Submitted our Capstone Proposal

Updates (1/21/2014)
    - Working on Capstone Proposal