Passive filter

The filter syntesis program emulates a passive 4 order filter. 
  • 3 bands: High, mid and low
  • Imports RoomEQwizard impedance and SPL data for each band
  • R,L and C on each node
  • Calculates Butterworth 1 to 4 order for both active and passive
  • Automatic change components and correlates with active filer spesified by user. From 100 changes/second.
  • Look at curves as components are changing!
  • Curves for all components, tranfer function and SPL
  • Magnitude and phase in dB and degrees + plot in complex chartesian diagram, s+jw
  • Saves all settings as xml, no use of registers
  • Based on complex numbers and Cauer/prototype networks.
  • Windows desktop program coded in Visual Basic.
  • Uses mathdotnet library.
  • Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2.