PassionFruit Man

The Fishbein farm is located in Moshav Ein-Iron, in the northern region of Israel. The farm has chicken coops, passionfruit and cherimoya orchards and a passionfruit beverage factory. The farm was established by David Fishbein in 1973, who founded and handed down the tradition of innovation and creativity. Many smart innovations were developed in the farm, in order to increase work efficiency and upgrade the produce, such as a device for cherimoya pollinating a system for sorting chickens, a device for squeezing passionfruits and removing the skin.


For more than 15 years, the farm has specialized in growing passion fruits. Some of these high quality fruit are marketed within Israel, and the rest are squeezed for the purpose of producing Flora- the passion fruit liquor.

Shay, the PassionFruit Man, established the factory for producing a passionfruit liquor and holds a business license, an approval from the Ministry of Health, and a Kosher certificate.

Shay, an electronics engineer, has specialized for many years in the field of sc

ience-technology education, as a teacher and as the developer of school curriculums. The production of liquor started as a hobby. Following the enthusiastic feedbacks of tasters, the hobby rapidly became his main occupation, and lead to the establishment of a factory for producing passionfruit liquor -  “Flora”.


The production process in the factory begins with picking the fruit in the orchard. The fresh fruit are later transferred to a special washing and squeezing machine, developed by Shay and his brother, Assaf. After squeezing, the pits are sorted and separated from the fruit. The squeezed fruit with its rich fibers are used for producing the passionfruit drink-  Flora.