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Great Resources:

The Hero Project - making a Google Site, using Kidblog, creating shortened URLs, creating a QR code, summarizing in our own words, expository writing, citing sources, professional and friendly letter writing, art/drawing/photo editing, Google Apps, MS Publisher
  • Google Apps for Education:  Docs, presentations
  • Weebly:  Free websites, easy to use
  • Haiku Deck: Beautiful presentations
  • Kidblogs:  Free, easy to set up for students (use .csv or enter by hand) - students don't need to give out their information.
  • Sumo Paint - photo editor and paint program - free at Chrome Web Store
  • - URL shortener:  If you use it while logged in, it will save all your shortened URLs to your account. (Add .qr to the shortened URL to make a QR code)
  • Creative Commons Search:  find pictures that can be used, edited/altered, and shared (with citation)

The Diva Dialogues - teaches video, blogging, Google Apps (Documents, Slides), research skills/information literacy, social justice, community involvement, formal writing.  Pairs students with experts in the fields they choose (use your alumni department).  Based on 20% Time Projects.  Students have freedom of choice.
The Poverty Project - using different aspects of Google Apps (Sheets, Slides, Documents), research, writing a persuasive paper, writing legislation, business letters (to senators, public), writing to a larger audience, public speaking, infographics, creativity
Play Time - start working with Sites to create your own example for students to either use as a template or gain ideas.  Chose two or three tools to support the student's ability to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and be creative.  Embed the results into your site.