Patterns from the Passionate Mind 

Copyright Notice: These patterns are copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce them for sale.  They may be copied and distributed for free, but please be sure to leave the copyright notices on each copy.


Licenses: US Copyright law does not prohibit the sale of items produced from free or purchased patterns, so you are free to produce things to sell from these patterns.  Licensing agreements are traditionally used to extend additional rights, not restrict those already granted by law.  If anyone wishes to enter into a license agreement to print and resell these patterns, please email me at

One Blogger's Take on US Copyright Law for Patttern Designers.

Free Patterns: 

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 Easter Tie - A seed stitch children's tie in two widths.

Nifty Knickers- Top down, customizable longies.

Sweet River - A simple and warm flowing scarf design. 

Sweet River, Landscape Format

Something fun:

Personal Stash Club Project Cards (Word doc.) 

Personal Stash Club Project Cards (PDF) 

These are great to fill out and slip into a kit you make up yourself with yarn and goodies when you don't want to put a book from your library in the package. :o)  Each card has space for the pattern name, book, and page number; the Word document is two pages long; when printed on both sides of a sheet, it creates cards with info on one side and a yarn photo on the other.  Feel free to customize these however you like. :o)  These cards are not copyrighted, so use them however you like!