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People have been immigrating to and emigrating from countries by ship from the beginning of civilization. So what is the difference between immigrant and emigrant? Immigrant is a person going Into a country, emigrant is a person exiting his or her previous country. Below you will find a gateway into websites with detailed passenger list information from countries around the world. Search hundreds of free ships' passenger lists. Find your immigrant ancestors on ships arriving in U.S.A., Canada and other ports. Search passenger lists for UK outbound passengers between 1890 and 1960 and discover more about your family history

Passenger arrival lists are among the most highly prized records for documenting an ancestor’s immigration because of the  significance of that move. Lists were not kept for every ship and some have been lost, but most of those that survive are here. 

There is no single, standard format for passenger lists. Some record only minimal detail, others include a wealth of information down to exact address and ultimate destination. Details often found are the passenger’s age, relationships and occupation. 

Each passenger list varies in size and length and most changed format over time. They span from pre-printed templates to handmade forms, from beautifully decorated to mostly functional, typed and handwritten. A typical passenger list can be divided into three parts : A header, providing details about the ship and its voyage; the body of the list, giving details of the passengers travelling on board; and the summary section, statistical detail on the number of passengers and usually a signature and stamp from the Board of Trade (BT).

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