SaniPlan - IFSM
Tools for Citywide Assessment and Planning

Citywide Integrated Faecal Sludge Management (IFSM) planning involves assessment and planning across the full service chain. Citywide approach suggests universal coverage of services in all areas and for all properties in the city. It also involves a review of the full service chain – user interface, storage, conveyance, treatment and reuse. The focus here is on providing effective and sustainable sanitation services by the local government and other service providers.

Citywide IFSM planning is a consultative process and the tools for citywide assessment presented here help informed discussion among stakeholders and provide for ‘evidence-based’ decision making by city authorities. The process should start off with a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders. Consultations with key stakeholders should be planned during key stages in the planning process.

The IFSM planning process is facilitated by SANIPLAN, a decision support tool that has three main areas: a) assessment of service performance across the full service chain, b) designing an action plan to ensure service improvements across the chain, and c) developing a financing plan for both capital and O&M costs for the full plan period.

City-wide Assessment

Citywide assessment of FSM is the first key step for IFSM planning. The tools are organized around five key areas. Assessing the current situation of FSM in these five areas is important to develop a FSM plan that is technically appropriate and financially feasible at local level. Assessment in each area entails review of available information at city level, identifying information gaps, and conducting field studies where necessary.

Citywide Planning using SaniPlan

SANIPLAN is a decision support tool that provides a structured approach to planning for urban sanitation. It focuses on integrated service performance with a detailed assessment of finances. It is a planning tool which can support more informed stakeholder participation. Based on local priorities users can identify key actions for service improvement. Its dashboards also support more informed interaction with decisions makers.
SANIPLAN has three modules:a) performance assessment, b) planning and c) financial planning.

It provides a multi-year planning framework for improving performance on five service themes: access, equity, service levels and quality, efficiency and financial sustainability. A key feature of SANIPLAN is to develop a feasible financing plan for both capital and operating expenditures in context of local finances.

SANIPLAN can be used for various sectors - water, sanitation, solid waste; and can also be customized for a specific context. The version here has been customized for IFSM applications.

Access the complete toolkit here.

Application of SaniPlan in a city

This set of tools has been used by professionals working with local government officers in India. Here we demonstrate its use in an Indian city.