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Paso Finos in Pinto, Dun, Grulla, Palomino, Cremello,
Perlino, Dunskin & Buckskin Paso Finos
Chestnut, Bay and Grey sometimes available
Registered with PFHA. 

Our Paso Fino Horses   
Pasotiempos Blue Eyes
(2008 Perlino Stallion 14.1 hands, PFHA #57822)
Pasotiempos Blue Eyes

Pasotiempos Blue Eyes has a very quick pleasure gait. Trained by Nationally known Paso Fino Trainer.  Blue Eyes is a "double dilute" and can not produce bay or chestnut. Wonderful disposition, quiet and willing and very people oriented. Blue Eyes has the coveted "de Vez" lineage and his sire's lineage (Patriot de Vez) traces back to Coral Lace,  Corito de Vez and Corito on his sire's side. Blue Eyes dam has Contrapunto and Lunares lines. Blue Eyes lineage is the best of the best in Paso Finos. His disposition is very respectful and loving and Blue Eyes has produced several buckskins over 14 hands tall. Stud fee $750.00. AI only. NFS


Venganza de Dios 
(2006 Cremello, 15 hands, PFHA#56,107)
Sire: Tomaria's Gallardo (Juan Juan)
Dam: Reina de la Montana (Apache de Ventura)
Big and sweet Cremello Stallion.  Excellent lineage that includes Coral Lace, Duque, Don Danilo, Majestuoso, Juan Juan, Apache de Ventura, Ladrillo and Guala. Venganza de dios is  smart, athletic with a flashy gait.  No foals on the ground yet. Expect him to produce very nice disposition and large foals with excellent pleasure gait and endurance type performance. Stud fee $750  AI only. NFS

Mares for sale
(2009 Buckskin mare 14.2 hands, PFHA#54,298)
Registered with the Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Federation of America, Inc.
Registration #N25PUSA11
 For sale: 
Great Trail Mare!

Sire: A Avereo Chico (Don Oreado)
Dam: Royalty's Diamond de Fleco (Carredo)
Pure Puerto Rican Mare registered with PFHA and Pure Puerto Rican Association, easy to catch and people oriented.   Trail safe with confidence and no spook. Side passes, crosses over and does rollbacks as well. New Video. Extremely beautiful moving mare who is well trained. Ready for trail or show.  Bred to ORS El Principe de Tango for a May 2022 foal. "Prince" is homozygous for tobiano and homozygous for black also, so foal will be Pinto and could be black and white as well.  $4500.00 

(2007 Bay mare 13.2 hands, PFHA#51903)
 For sale: 
Great Trail Mare!
Sire: Rocking M Hurculeo (Marichalo Royal)
Dam: Bravada de Estaban (Lexus Estaban)
People oriented and fast moving super gaited mare.  Very responsive and light gaited mare. Trail safe with confidence and no spook. Side passes, crosses over and does rollbacks as well. Crosses obstacles with ease. Nicely moving mare. Good ground manners and quick to respond to riders cues. Has great energy on a trail ride and is an excellent trail mare. Will ride in front, at the back or in the middle of a trail ride.  Also would make a phenomenal show horse. Can be bred to ORS Principe de Tango or Pasotiempos Blue Eyes for a 2022 foal. $4500.00 bred, $3500.00 open.

Pasotiempos Scarlet

(2012 Red Bay filly, PFHA#57786)

For sale:

Sire: Maestro de Pasotiempo (Regalo de Marichalo)
Dam: Luz de Dios (Animado)
Scarlet is a beautiful Paso with a quiet personality and affectionate nature. 
 Pleasure gaited with good conformation and very nice largo gait. Filly is already 14.2 hands at 5 years old. Scarlet can be bred to ORS Principe de Tango or Pasotiempos Blue Eyes for a 2022 foal. $4500.00 in foal, $3500.00 open.
Scarlet as a foal Video July 29 2012 Horseplay !

 Princesa Flamente

(2003 Red Dun Mare, 14.1 hands, PFHA#42459)

For sale:

Sire: Blanco de Cerezo
Dam: AHG Lluvia Flamente 
Flamente is a very bright red dun Paso with a quiet personality and nice pleasure gait.  Old and rare Cerezo lineage. Mare is not spooky at all.  Saddle trained years ago however will benefit from a 30 day refresher course. Flamente is 14.1 hands and has produced 2 foals from Pasotiempos Blue Eyes that are over 14 hands. Mare is bred to Venganza de Dios for a Palomino foal in 2022. $2500.00 in foal. 

Pasotiempos Mi Sharona
(Pasotiempos Blue Eyes x Princesa Flamente)
registered PFHA#59,858 born July 12, 2016
ground worked and sold. Sharona is over 14 hands at 5 years old.
Pasotiempos Penny Lane
(Pasotiempos Blue Eyes x Princesa Flamente)
born August 16, 2017
14.2 hands at 4 years old

Galeras del Cardo 
AKA "Sweet Pea" 
(2002 Chestnut/White Tobiano Pinto,14.3 hands, PFHA#49252

Dam: Caracalla de La Reina (by Pintado del Greco by Halago Sin Par)
"Sweet Pea" is such a nice mare with a wonderfully smooth gait. She is very easy to ride and also a very good broodmare. Easy keeper. Nicely pleasure gaited like her famous sire, Santana del Cardo, she is very smooth and is just an all around gem. $1500.00

Marchwind Encantada - aka "Candy" 
(1996 Grullo 13.3 hands, PFHA#

Sire: ZARATE DEL TOMINEJO (Tominejo(Maturin)
Dam: ADORITA DE CHE-MEL (Ensueno de Colombia)
Nicely gaited mare with a wonderful temperament who has been lightly ridden in the past. Professionally trained and easy to ride. Flat walks when asked, very sensible, soft and easy gait and goes on a bosal. Easy going mare on a trail ride and she likes people. Ensueno de Colombia, Belmonte & Hilaches in her lineage. 

La Brisa de Santa Anna "Pretty Girl" 
(2006 Chestnut 14.2 hands, PFHA#

Sire: Arco Iris de Capuchino (Capuchino)
Dam: La Gasolina de Casta (Castellano)
"Pretty Girl" is a granddaughter of Capuchino and nicely gaited. Quiet personality who is intelligent and willing. Pretty Girl is an easy keeper and has nice hooves as well. She will be bred to Venganzo de Dios in 2021 for a Palomino foal.

Luz de Dios

 (2002 Palomino 13.3 hands, PFHA#40702)

Sire: Animado
Dam: Senorita Preciosa
Very sweet and laid back mare with a super smooth gait and just overall nice personality. Has had 3 foals. Very sensible mare with common sense and intelligence as well as a willingness to learn. Luz was trained for trail riding and is a good trail mare. Not spooky. Will lead on the trail.  Build on this mare is wonderful. Her sire was a Bella Forma Champion. 

Pasotiempos Arriba de Luz
(Chek Mi Out x Luz de Dios)
BORN 6/20/16 
FOR SALE $2000

(1996 Seal Bay Tobiano 14.3 hands, PFHA#
Sire: FUENTE DE COLOR (El Hondo)
Dam: LA DESTINA DEL MISTICO (El Gran Lio que nota)
Large build Seal Bay Tobiano Mare producing large easy going foals.
Mare is not broke to ride. Bred to ORS El Principe de Tango for a May 2022 foal. "Prince" is homozygous for tobiano and homozygous for black also, so foal will be Pinto and could be black and white as well.  
Mare is NFS. 

Pasotiempos Portia
(Pasotiempos Blue Eyes x Joya de Color) 
(2017 PFHA#

Pasotiempos Tranquilo   
aka "Quilo", 2014 Bay gelding,  PFHA#

4 weeks old (picture)
Sire: Maestro de Pasotiempo (Regalo de Marichalo)
Dam: Galeras del Cardo (Santana del Cardo)
Very tall and elegant bay gelding. Should mature close to 15 hands. Nicely pleasure gaited. Quiet personality. $4500 after training. SOLD

Colts for sale
Phantom - 1/2 Paso Fino & 1/2 Quarter Horse
(2019 Grulla going gray)

Sire: Hancock bred (Quarter Horse)  
Dam: Marchwind Encantada (Paso Fino mare)
Phantom was a surprise foal! Born August 12, 2019. 
Very sweet and likes attention. Should mature to 15 hands and make a very nice Riding Horse AND Phantom is paso gaited as well! $750.00 at almost 2 years old. 

In Memory of Azucar en Tostada 
Azucar en Tostada - "Sugar" 
(1992 Chestnut and White Tobiano)

Sire: Halago Sin Par
Dam: Dulce Melcocha
Great trail and show mare. Wonderfully soft and smooth gaited with lots of controllable brio. Sugar has produced three very nice colts - Maestro, Spirit and Tejas. One of the most fun horses I have ever had the pleasure of riding. 
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