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Keep it Simple

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Moshe Flam's music המוסיקה של משה פלאם

  The Otniel recording before the terror attack. 

    Vatitaenu - and we shall be planted in our land      

                                   Listen:  Wake up      Amore    Jerusalem story   The light of our eyes       The Angel     Praise  
                                  Old version of The Dreamer
                                  (Nehirin) You can hear a sketch of work being done now for Vatitaenu New dreamer (without brass yet)
                                  (Nehirin 2) Here it is further down the line:   Nehirin (work in progress) 
                                    And you shal hear and listen       The voice is important

                                Bikes   kishke

    Pihuk Mesukan - (Dangerous Yawn) children's CD - pseudo name: Moshe MezogLi Pettel
           Disk image:        


               Shalom,    A plate of  Mashed Legends
                    Oh No Chaos!    Tonight!   
                        It Aint Gonna Rain
                            Old Moshe Had a Farm,  Endangered Elazar
                                       Cutting the Line, Uncle Moshe's Farm Again
                                                      Amram Sheqet (The most boring person on earth),
                                                                   Gotta Get Up on Time,  The Horse to Sleepland

    Hakol mikol bakol - Live session of Ethiopian, Hebrew, Hassidic and Eastern music 

Moshe Flam - Inventions, innovation and inteligent applications
 Sheshet Group Co-op - Large computer experts company owned by its workers. 
 Pashute Innovations - Developing inventions and innovation
    ItsMe - Find your things
    Fairlist - Buy what you need, not what you are brainwashed to
    Bike Tel-Aviv project solution - Joint with EcoDrive and ChanOfan
            - See history in a new way, share family birthdays, remember national occasions, support alternative date systems.

Moshe Flam in Transportation      
Retzef PRT SmartRailway
     Http://www.retzef .com
      Kitricity Electric Mas Transit - Electric busses, vans and electric trains
      MicroAir - high-speed low-cost ultra-efficient atmospheric railway.
Ofanim - eco bike concepts company
      LBike - re-inventing the wheel
      LCycleMotor - a new way to get around

Brain Research
 Philosophy of mind
 Understanding understanding - Possible solution to Contiousness and "The Big Question"
 Discreet time

Jewish Philosophy and Hebrew Politics
 Responsibility for "this world" - Understanding our times in the RAAYAH Kook's perspective
 Honest Reporting and the daily page (Daf Hayomi)
 Turning the tables - teachings of the Khuster Rebbe in Bet Shemesh
 Hameacharim Latzet - looking back at the parasha

Inventions - Inventive Solution Methodology
    Digital Signal Processing
    MIDI music software
    Minipayment systems
    Transportation and Conveying
    Energy -Personalized car electric outlet, rapid charge battery, 
    TestAutoImage - Software and methods for efficient image capture in any automated testing environment
    HalfBakery - stores half baked ideas of mine never to be implemented

Alternative Education
 Makom - Online alternative schools in Israel
 Be'er - K12 school for meaningful education
 Pashute Halufa - Alternative IT methodologies and studies.