Khushal Khan Khattak

Quotes of Khushal Khan Baba:

"Da Afghan pa nang me otharhala thoora
Nangyaale da zamane Khushal Khattak yam"

دَ افغان په ننګ مِ اُتړﻻ تورا
ننګيالې دَ زمانې خوشحال خټک يم
(I have taken out my sword in the name of Afghan honour
I am the proudest of the world the Khushal Khatak)

"Pa jahaan da nangyaalo wee da duwa kaara
Ya ba okhree kakaray ya ba kamraan shee"

په جهان دَ ننګيالو وي دا دوا کارا
يا به اوخري ککرې يا به کامران شي
(the dignified people have two role to perform
either sacrifice their lives or die for the cause)

kha noom paathey kegee, nor ba hissok paathey na shee
pa bud, budaan yadegee, pa nekaye yaadawee nekaan

ka noom da Hajaaj awray, awray noom da Nosherawan
pa adal kaafir kha sha, zulam bud kra musalmaan

( It is the good actions, if one does, that one is remembered by.
 Justice makes non-believer good and injustice makes a muslim bad)

na ba zama ghundey bal jangyaaley rashee
na ba zama ghundey bal nangyaaley rashee

khattak la pregda pa drosth afghan khe
ajab ka hasey nar hangyaaley rashee

(Neither would there ever come some one with strong conviction, nor
would someone as respetable and motivated like me come. Not only
among Khattaks but the whole afghan race may not produce a wise
and visionary like me)

da zra ghla, pa zrah khe ghum dah
la pa therah da sardar

har sardar che pa zrah ghal shee
zaan roswa kah, khalaq khwaar

(A deceptive heart is destrutive specially if it's heart of a leader.
 Such a leader defame himself and destroys the nation)

da khushaal qadar ka wos pa hecha nishtha
pas da margah ba ye yaad ka der aalam

( If people dont realize and respect Khushal Khattak today, later the
whole world will remember him for his deeds)


pa da kalee khe sok na laram naikkhwah
che rukhtia wayam, hom da laram gunah

( I don't see a well wisher in my village/town for my sin is my truthfulness)


aarif hagha day che shanakhth ye shee da zaan
da zaan pa muarfath khe, muarfath day da subhaan

zaahidaan, shaikhaan kho har lor waatha dairey
da khushaal khattak pakaar dee aarifaan

(Aarif is one who recognize/knows himself. In knowledge of oneself is
knowledge of God. Khushal prefers aarifs over worshippers and bearded

che ye thars de zrah na wee, na amal laree da naiko
pa de ye nazar ma krah che pa yaad lwalee Quraan

( The one who does not have mercy in his heart and neither is righteous.
Dont look at if such a person has Quraan memorized)


ghum ye bay hikmatha na day paida karay
da namard awo mard pa mainz khe ghum mahak day

( One should struggle/try to over come hardship as this differentiates a
man and it is not bestowed upon one without a purpose)


kha saray ganra hagha che pa zrah saaf wee
hamaisha warskha sharam hom insaaf wee

che da so, thokah ye na wee, saray na shee
har che kaandee, nor de ka hagha maaf wee

(A good man is one who has clean heart and is always respectful and just.
The one who does not have these qualities is not human. Anything else
 a man with these qualities does is forgiven.)


khwra khorawa da akhpalo laicho
ghazanfar sha na royah

( Hunt/earn to eat and feed with your own hands. Be like a lionand not like a fox)


mut ka pa elum che elum
azdaha day hom aasaa

ya pa elum khe lazuth day
ya pa ishq khe da molla

( Gain Knowledge as it is a tool that could be used for both good and bad. The
taste is either in gaining knowledge or love of God)


da saray che farishta day hom shaithan day
ka saray wee akhpal amal wathah nigraan shee

yow pa bud amal khe zee thahthe asraa tha
bal pa kha amal da paasa da aasmaan shee

(It's one's action that makes one angel or a devil. It's actions due to which one fails
 or find success.)


zaa hagha shahbaaz sha, che ye zaaye pa ghar wee
na lakah da kalee da kargha garzah, ghum da nus krah

(Be like an eagle that lives on peaks of mountains and not like a crow of village that wanders
 around for food due to hunger)


ishq, aashiq lara paida day
kufar deen ye sa pakaar day

ishq nadaan watha aasaan day
wartha graan day che hokhyaar day

(Love is made for lover--what does it have to with believing and not believing--it's
 easy to fall in for someone foolish and hard for someone clever

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