Welcome to San Miguel

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View from the roof deck.

Welcome to our home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
The house is close to everything--shops, 
the main square and the park.

San Miguel de Allende is in the state of Guanajuato in the geographic center of Mexico. It lies in an area known as the Bajio, which is a hilly plateau at a relatively high elevation--about 6,500 feet. Because of the elevation, the climate is dry with spring-like weather all year round--cool nights and warm sunny days. The town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, and is a well-preserved example of a colonial hill town. In the historic center there are no traffic lights, neon or overhead wires. The town has evolved into an arts and cultural center, so there are year-round activities and events including music, dance, theater, film and art festivals, as well as traditional holidays and festivals. The center is filled with shops with artisan goods, a diverse offering of restaurants and of course an incredible collection of historic buildings along cobblestone streets. The town is not without modern amenities, however. High-speed internet service is available and there is a modern supermarket at the edge of town. 
There is a sizable American and Canadian expatriot community, so English is widely spoken.

Just outside the town are several hot springs and the pilgrimage church of Atotonilco which was also declared a World Heritage Site in 2008. The countryside outside San Miguel is also beautiful, particularly in the summer during the rainy season, when the hills and fields are green and filled with wildflowers. Cañada de la Virgen, a recently excavated Otomi (contemporary with Mayan) ruin lies a short drive outside of town-a remote and quiet setting. Pack a lunch and take the inexpensive tour bus from San Miguel. The nearby colonial city of Guanajuato is also worth a visit. It has a very European look and feel with a large pedestrian center--the cars drive underground. Farther afield is the Monarch Buttefly Reserve and Mexico City. Tours to any of these sights can be arranged with agents in San Miguel.

Perhaps the greatest attraction of San Miguel are the people, who are warm, friendly and outgoing. It is difficult to walk through the town or central square without meeting or making a friend.