01-The Passion of Isis & Osiris

Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Myth of Isis & Osiris

Ch.01: Heaven & Earth; the Marriage of Isis & Osiris

Ch.02: The Childhood of Horus

Ch.03: The Battle Between Light and Shadow

Part 2 - Egypt; Land of the Ancient Soul

Ch.04:  Mythic & Historic Time/Space:  Background for the Story of Isis & Osiris

  • Process 1:  A Visit to the Durative

Ch.05:  The Quickening of Reality - Hieroglyphic Thinking

  • Process 2: Hieroglyphic Thinking

Ch. 06:  Neters; Agents of Creation

  • Process 3:  Infusing the Body with Neters

Ch.07:  Magick of Magick, Spirit of Spirit; Part 1

Ch.08:  Magick of Magick, Spirit of Spirit; Part 2

  • Process 4:  The Magick of Mindfulness and Receiving the Words of Power

Part 3 - The Passion Play of Isis & Osiris: A Journey of Transformation

Ch.09:  Entering the World of Myth

Ch.10:  Entrapment in Life & Mourning the Lost Beloved

  • Process 5:  Set's Limitation of Osiris & our Casket in Time
  • Process 6:  Mourning the Beloved

Ch.11:  The Osirian Mysteries; Part 1 - The Raising of the Djed Pillar

  • Process 7:  Straightening the Spine & Raising the Djed Pillar

Ch.12:  The Osirian Mysteries; Part 2 - The Spiritual Insemination of Isis and the Rending of Osiris

  • Process 8:  Spiritual Insemination
  • Process 9:  The Dance of Set and the Rending of Osiris

Ch.13:  Spinning the Genes of New Life

  • Process 10:  Isis Spins the Genes of Horus/Hieroglyphic Clustering of Genetic Possibilities

Ch. 14:  The Way of the Five Bodies

  • Process 11: Training in the Depths

Ch. 15:  The War in Heaven

  • Process 12:  The Battle of Set & Horus
  • Process 13:  Re-crowning Isis & Being Gifted by the Goddess
  • Process 14:  Creating the Barge of Set

Ch. 16:  The Marriage of Body & Soul


    1. Alphabetical list of the Neters of Ancient Egypt
    2. Glossary of Words, Phrases & Place Names
    3. Map of Ancient Egypt
    4. Historical Overview of Ancient Kings & Queens of each Dynasty
    5. Festival Calendar of Ancient Egypt