Docks Served

We regularly serve the following docks in the Port Arthur area:

Great Lakes Carbon

Gulf Copper

Horizon Offshore (CalDive)

Motiva, Port Arthur

Motiva, Port Neches

Pabfacs/Kinder Morgan


Port of Port Arthur





AND Some others - please call if your ship is docked in Port Arthur, Nederland or Port Neches.


   TV Room


If you are a seafarer docked in Por

t Arthur, we can pick you up from your dock and take you to the mall or other stores or restaurants in Port Arthur or to the Seafarers' Center and then take you back to the dock during our regular hours.



The Seafarers' Center has phones and Internet service available, as well as phone cards. We have 1 Internet computer with dial-up service, and it is free to use the service. We have 2 landline phones, which you can use with a phone card. For more information on the cards we use (United Sea), click here.

We also have stamps and supplies for writing letters and postcards.



The Port Arthur International Seafarers' Center offers books, magazines and newspapers free to seafarers as a distributor for the American Merchant Marine Library Association. Visit the library at the Seafarers' Center and take any book you like. Also, ship visitors bring books when they visit ships.



We have a small store - souvenir and slopchest - with items such as personal hygiene supplies, souvenirs, and snacks.



We have two pool tables, an electronic dartboard, video games, card games and a TV room with a selection of movies.


Personal and Seafarers' Rights Counseling

If you have a problem that you would like to talk with someone about, there are chaplains available who can help you.

Other Docks

We are occasionally able to serve docks in the Sabine Pass area if notified ahead of time.

Rowan Dock

Gabbys Dock

Horizon Sabine

R&R Sabine


(409) 982-4504


We do not serve docks in the Beaumont area.

Exxon Mobile

Sun Oil


Port of Beaumont


If you are at one of these docks, please contact the Beaumont Seafarers Center: (409) 832-7794