Number Tiling Combinatorics & Pascalloids

Complete with internal help: 2or3 D Pascalloid Canvas 4.8  <-- This program can spit out discrete fractals in bitmaps as animations.  For those who hail from the NPA, my EGT design & parametric equations are here.  That site is on hold.  The large combinatorics files could not make fit here, some links may remain broken for a bit.  The New Pascalloids and Combinatorics PDF gives a broader view.
What this means to Choice Theory is quite beyond me right now, but maybe a few decades later?
Open to commentary.  This site contains almost theistic propositions in geometrical, mathematical and numerical form.  The 27 Megabyte PDF file of a 17 edge-length near-perfect Octagonal Pascalloid is not available on this parallel site, but there is a link to it.

Just hot off the compile is the Pascalloid Calc 9.1 program, with accurate Dodecahedral and Icosal information, plus a User-Defined algorithm mode.

This google site holds less data, yet I have updated a fix to the 32-var Octagonal Pillar that I didn't catch until recently.  This is not incorporated yet in the current version of the Pascalloid Calc.  New version 8.8 includes two new shapes, the 13-sided and 13-cornered tri-decahedron, and the cubic 16-corner hypercube (not moving).  The [up] and [down] arrows now adjust the vanishing point / closeness of the revolving three-dimensional shape.

The material will be slowly updated over the next few weeks.  There is also new material to share, that will be initially updated at this location first:

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