Documenting Volunteer Hours

The purpose of this page is to be a quick guide to starting your account and logging hours with Volunteer Squared/Better Impact. Logging your hours with Volunteer Squared is required to remain an active volunteer. When any letter of recommendations or proof of volunteer hours is needed, we will be using this system to collect this data (so those of you going to vet school especially, please keep up with tracking your hours!). A monthly report will be run to ensure that hours being logged are accurate.

The full Volunteer² User Guide on the Austin Pets Alive! website is your best reference for all Vol2 questions.

First Time Volunteer Users

Sign up for an account here! Your application will be approved once you've attended an APA! orientation, logged these orientation hours and made your top 3 team selections. Notify the the team manager once you have signed up for the account and you have been trained so they can approve you as "Parvo Trained" so you can start logging these hours specifically.

Volunteer Login

To log your hours after your shift can be done here! This page can also be reached by typing in into your browser.

  1. Log in with your username and password. Consider emailing this information to yourself for future reference if it is not a common username/password that you use.
  2. Click on the "Hours Log" tab.
  3. Select your designated activity in the drop down bar, which will be under "Specialty - Parvo"
  4. Enter the date and hours you volunteered. Try to be as accurate as possible, slightly over-estimating for the time you'll take to scrub out.

Questions and Concerns

Email your team manager and

Administrator Login

The parvo team manager will be responsible for tracking hours and implement this system. Administrator log in can be done here!

Why is it so Important to APA! to Log Your Hours?

  • Funding - Accurate tracking of volunteer hours allows APA! to qualify for grants and other sources of funding created to promote volunteering.
  • Gauge Participation - Vol² provides simple tools to gauge volunteers' participation levels.
  • Better Understanding Retention - By being able to measure participation and retention, we will be able to follow up with volunteers and better understand the reasons for volunteers leaving or decreasing their participation, and make improvements when possible.
  • Recognition - Better tracking of volunteer participation and time donated will make it easier to recognize those who are going above and beyond.
  • Easier Tracking of Training/Skill Levels - Volunteers are working hard to increase their animal handling skills and training in various areas, and Vol² provides a simple way to track these accomplishments for both volunteers and team leads.
  • First Step Towards a Volunteer Intranet - Vol² is only the first step! Our goal is to create an entire volunteer intranet which includes volunteer resources, social media, scheduling & tracking, knowledge sharing, public forums, etc.