User Research

Our user research was focused on students coming from Czech Republic. Two strategies were chosen for research.

The First one - Quantitative approachthrough google insight

TheSecond one - Qualitative approach -interview with proband

Quantitative research:

Experiment description:

Google insights was used for quantitative research. We selected some corresponding words and we tested them. In the end we compared them with  other words.


For more details go to Google Insight for Search.


Selected words have relative large volume of search in Czech Republic. This fact is very interesting for us.

Qualitative research:

Experiment description:

The sampling of probands was done. Main criterium was student status and age 20-28 years. There are 5 probands. (Jan 23, Lubor 24, Eva 24, Tomas 23, Karel 23)

Data summarization:

Probands visit CVUT's events usually 1x-2x per month. They search events on web of faculty (not on central web of CVUT).  Posters are next good way for presentation of events. Three of five probands would use application on smartphone. But application must be very simple and quickly and should add some extra cool feature.


The attitude was positive in general, only one opinion was negative. The opinion was that application will be useless, because everyone can use WebBrowser and faculty web. He said: „There isn't extra value for me.“