Application view


Party pool is application that has created on CTU in VIA course.  This application collects data about CTU events and provides it to Android native client.  End user can view official CTU’s events and also he can add his Events into Party Pool.  These events can be seen each of users of Party Pool.



The application is composed of two parts:

Client – It is ANDROID native client.

Server – Application logic has been written in JAVA and runs on Google App Engine.



Application has two main sources:

1) Official CTU events calendar – Automatic parsing of feed “” runs on server twice per day. Output of this action is stored to Party Pool events Database.

2) Data from party Pool end users – Data are provided by end users via ANDROID native client.



Technology key words are:

JDO - for persistence

GAE + JAVA + RESTLET framework - server side

Android 3.1 + RESTLET framework - client side