Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party involves a lot of work and effort on the part of the host.  The best thing that you can do for yourself is to write out a checklist of all the things that need to be accomplished and when you need to do them.  But not quite as simple as the checklist in the image.

First things at the top of your checklist should be to create a budget for your party.  By creating a budget first you can figure out how many people you can invite which leads into the next section of your checklist.  The next set of things on your checklist will be in reference to the guests.  Some things on your checklist should include making a list of people to invite, buying invitations, writing out invitations and sending out invitations.  Give yourself a date of when to send the invitations out by.  You should send out your invitations a minimum of three weeks before the date of the party.  Guests should then be given two weeks to RSVP if they will be attending or not.  You can create a second checklist with a list of the people you invited in order to keep track who will be attending. 

Next on your checklist should be in reference to the place where the party is to be held.  If you are not sure where your party is going to be held and if you have it in your budget to hire an outside vender, you will need to do a little research.  Place on your checklist calling vendors to get price quotes.  You will need to figure out if they will supply the food and how much it will all cost.  You can then determine if you would like to have the party at your home and hire a caterer.  You will need to place on your checklist, get quotes from caterers.  Or you might want to make all the food yourself in which case you will need to place on your checklist to investigate how much supplies and food will cost you.  Once this is determined, you will need to add a place on the checklist to book the vender or caterer and further down the list place a checklist that will remind you to confirm with them closer to the party date. 

Other things on your checklist may include buying party supplies like plates, napkins, utensils, cups, drinks and food.  You also will have to determine if you are going to grant your guests with party favors when the night is through in which case you will need to add researching, buying and preparing the favors to your checklist.   You may have to also add researching and hiring rentals like tables, chairs or a tent if it is so required to your checklist. 

The exact things that are on your checklist may greatly vary from party host to party host. But it is clear that creating a party planning checklist is a wonderful way to stay organized, get everything done in the proper amount of time and the ability to give the best party you can.

Party Checklist