1. PartyCaption doesn't start.
Try to add it to antivirus exception list. Some antiviruses can block activity of the program, so it can't start. Also do it with party poker client executable.

2. Betscript / Convert chips for tournaments / some HUD tags doesn't work.
The poker client and PartyCaption both must be run from administrator.
Right click on the program shortcut, then click on Properties, select the Compability tab and turn on this option:

Also the poker client must be English.

3. '
Mouse wheel' function doesn't work properly.
Try to turn off the 'Mouse wheel' function in the poker client.

4. PartyCaption do wrong bets (i.e. x300 instead of x3)
It can be with Estonian (and maybe some other) Windows language settings.
To fix it, try to change 'Options / Decimal separator' setting.