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Notes, Layouts and Opp buttons

The video below was made for the old version of PartyCaption, and since v1.61, some things in the program have been changed.
There is no Notes tab now, and most of options from it was moved to a Table options tab. Note size and position can be configured in the Custom color notes section, and Default chat tab should be used instead of After set note option.

Opp buttons tab can be found on a Hotkeys tab now.
There are two ways to set color notes available in PartyCaption now - hotkey Set note (see Hotkeys tab - you can choose LDblClick from a drop-down list to configure it to left double click) and Hotkeys / Opp buttons / Set note feature (HUD / Active option must be enabled to use both of these ways).
I'll try to do a new video in the future, but now you can watch this one (with remarks above):

Notes, Layouts and Opp buttons

To install the layout you need to select the default layout in the poker client settings: