Latest version:
888Caption2 v2.37 (DropBox)

Previous versions:
888Caption2 v2.36a (DropBox)
888Caption2 v2.36 (DropBox)
888Caption2 v2.35d (DropBox)
888Caption2 v2.34d (DropBox)
888Caption2 v2.33b (Google Drive)

Alt version for NJ users:
888Caption2Alt v2.35a (DropBox)


888Caption v0.54a (DropBox)

888Caption works with old poker client only
(888poker p-1-en-4-6.17-666-1).
With all other versions of 888poker client you should use 888Caption2

Full installer of the old 888poker client:
888poker p-1-en-4-6.17-666-1
(old client with disabled autoupdate)

Latest version:
StarsCaption v0.23d (DropBox)

Previous versions:
StarsCaption v0.23a (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.22e (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.22d (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.22c (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.22a (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.22 (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.21f (DropBox)
StarsCaption v0.21e (DropBox)