Important bills being worked on in Lansing!

Thousands of bills are introduced each year in Michigan.  Question is, how many of them do we really need?

Michigan is one of a handful of states that still has a full-time legislature. Legislators in Michigan earn $79,850 per year plus $12,000 per year in expense allowance (which is paid whether used or not).  Additionally, legislators receive generous health insurance and retirement benefits.

Most legislators work 40-50 hours per week; some work much more than that. The question is, how can we reduce to part-time status if there is that much work required. The best way to answer that question is to look at what causes a legislator to have such a full schedule.

States with full-time legislatures pass three times more laws than states with part-time legislatures. Every time a new law is passed, government is growing and someone's liberties are being encroached upon. When that happens, constituents call their lawmaker to object. Conversely, someone else is lobbying FOR passage of a new law or regulation which provides some type of protection or benefit to an individual or group.

This process continues and grows to the point where today, we have hundreds of lobbyists who are advocating for or against every law that is written, and we have hundreds of constituents who are concerned about the passage of new laws. This requires countelss hours of work on the part of lawmakers to meet with constituents and lobbyists to listen, learn and act.

While we certainly enact important legislation, there is no question that we also enact laws that are unneeded, frivolous or outright silly.  Here are a few examples:

HB 4703: Designate the peeper as the Official State Amphibian

HB 4704: Declare Apple Cider as the Official State Beverage

HB 4065: Penalties for leaving the scene of a dog-bite.

HB 4172: To authorize cosmetology school "skin care services".

SB 26: Authorize government subsidy for a new amusement park in Grayling.

HB 4060: Mandate certain African history courses

HB 4073: Make kindergarten mandatory

HB 4086: Allow more winemaker tasing events

SB 68: Revise manicurist licensure law.

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