Summary of Event: Oct.9, 2011

This is a partial archive of our pilot project at CicLAvia on October 9th, 2011.  More than 70 participants used their ordinary cell phones to join a storytelling adventure inside the 80,000-person  CicLAvia.   THey produced pictures and stories to envision the future of Los Angeles.  

A full record of all stories (live feed) contains both historic posts and more recent ones, as does our live map of stories.  See also information on our booth at CicLAvia.

Questions specific to this event:

Q: Where will you be during CicLAvia?  A: Our booth is at the southern-most tip of the ride, and we'll be there all day.  That is probably the easiest way to find us, and to sign up.  Directions are on our meeting point page.  In addition, we will have a couple roaming bicycles that can sign people up.

Q: Can I sign up in advance?  A: Yes, you can sign up in advance.

See also the full list of frequently asked questions.