At the November 2010 Ministerial Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa in Kampala, Uganda, the participating ministers called for the development of an Africa-led strategy for reform of and investment in Tertiary Agricultural Education (TAE) in order to transform African TAE into an engine of rapid, equitable growth and poverty reduction. In response to this call, an array of African TAE leaders together with development partners began working through the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) to conceive new strategies and mechanisms to generate more focused and informed attention to TAE.  

Substantial progress has been made since the ´Kampala Process` began a year ago.  A working group has been established to consider how best to support the development of an African agenda for TAE; this group has met a number of times in person and via conference calls.  In addition, a formal mechanism is now in the process of being established to determine and articulate the preferred modalities, processes, and approaches through which support for strengthening TAE in Africa might be structured and implemented. This mechanism, tentatively referred to as the Tertiary Education for Agriculture Mechanism (TEAM-Africa) has the following overall objectives: 

  1. to bring greater coherence to investments in TAE in Africa;
  2. to increase overall level of financial and technical support as well as attention to TAE; and
  3. to help facilitate and guide the reform of African TAE institutions, all within the framework of CAADP.  
The Mechanism will contribute to these objectives by:
  1. articulating a shared strategic vision for TAE capacity building in Africa; 
  2. providing information for priority setting in investments in TAE; 
  3. providing guidance on best approaches to investment in TAE;
  4. integrating TAE into CAADP Investment Plans; and 
  5. supporting harmonization of donor support to TAE. 

Most recently, from October 3rd to 5th 2011 a workshop was organized in Ås, Norway to launch a partnership among development partners, academic experts and African TAE leaders to support the ongoing Africa-led processes of developing and eventually implementing an agenda for TAE. While the workshop was very successful in generating commitments from the participants to building this partnership, it could only be a first step of a longer-term process to develop a joint approach in supporting TAE in Africa.  Three key challenges were identified to be addressed by this partnership going forward: 

  • First, the partnership must solidify development partner-country support for the Africa-led initiative emerging out the ´Kampala Process´ to reform and re-invest in African TAE. 
  • Second, members of the partnership need to coordinate and collaborate in offering their experience and professional expertise to assist TEAM-African in the design of the Africa-led strategy. 
  • Third, it must work towards assuring development partners´ support for the resulting TAE strategy, and work with African TAE leaders to create mechanisms to structure development partners’ participation in a dynamic way over time.
This online forum was established to help the partnership meet these challenges.  It is a platform for sharing information and ideas, to help introduce new partners to the developing program of work, and to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration.

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