I. Previous Reports

Interim Report

 Problem Statement:

As a result of supernovae and other sources of cosmic rays, the Earth receives constant amounts of cosmic radiation, predominately in the form of gamma particles and protons. These particles travel from their source and in the case of gamma rays are unaffected by gravitational pull or magnetic fields, therefore we finds that we can use gamma rays in order to identify the source of this cosmic radiation once it encounters the ground. Because of this phenomena we feel we can implement an existing program used to model air showers and use this hybrid simulation to more effectively backtrack cosmic radiation and simulate airshowers created by different forms of radiation.

Problem Solution:

Currently we are working with the CORSIKA air shower simulations in order to examine properties or air showers produced by different particles, through evaluating this code we intend to create a hybrid code implementing the best parts of the CORSIKA code and our own coding to reach a solution to our problem. We are working with Newton's laws of gravitation and Gauss's law through our simulations and believe that through our simulation we can begin to effectively model air shower data as well as trace particles from their source. Our code is written in FORTRAN with sections in C++ and we are running off a Fedora Linux box.

Progress to Date:

Currently we have been able to install the CORSIKA files to our system and are evaluating the source code as well as running and visualizing air shower simulations (in gnuplot). We intend to begin implementing our own coding and aspects of the CORSIKA program together into a hybrid soon.

Expected Results:

We expect to be able to effectively and efficiently model airshowers caused by different particles as well as trace particles back to their source.



Dennis Trujillo,
Apr 16, 2010, 2:18 PM
Dennis Trujillo,
Apr 26, 2010, 1:55 PM