B. Introduction

Extensive air shower simulation is a area of study which has great potential relative to the understanding of particle decay and development as evidenced by findings related to particle decay and daughter particle development as a result of air showers resulting from interactions similar to those evaluated within our study. Such studies can result in information relative to the stability of certain particles, the decay rate of these particles, and the creation of daughter particles. Essentially the evaluation of particle interaction within nature is comparable to the work done at CERN with the LHC although with real interactions being taken into consideration. Therefore we find that the study and simulation of extensive air showers is a vital and cheap means of evaluating particle characteristics and the forces which drive the universe as a whole.

The primary goal of several institutions around the country and throughout the world is particle characterization as a result of computer simulation and physical experimentation in order to produce a more full understanding of the components which account for all matter and likewise hold the key to understanding why the universe exists in the means in which it does. These simulations and experiments are integral to one another; each exists to prove or test the other. We find that code can be written according to theory but the true test of its worth can only be found through experimentation, and similarly experiments need to be designed according to certain standards which can be determined through computer simulation.

A companion approach involving the use of both physical experimentation and computer simulation can provide the best means of evaluation. A large scale analysis of data produced by proven code and the implementation of physical experimentation could potentially lead to the association of certain before unknown characteristics with certain particles, a cheap means of particle study yielding the same results as something as complex as the LHC, and potentially provide information relative to why the universe exists as it does and perhaps lead to the discovery of before unknown particles.