Part A Group

Jill, Taylor, and Jessica


 Background Information:


  • marble
  • poster board
  • dominoes
  • vinegar
  •  2 cups
  • backing soda
  • model magic 
  • plastic plate



  • Purpose: The purpose of our project is to make a volcano erupt. 
  • Description of Project: The marble will drop through a tube/slide. The marble will then knock down the dominoes. The dominoes will push a cup of backing soda into the volcano 


  • Theoretical Background:  When we drop the marble it has potential energy. When the marble hits the dominoes it is kinetic energy. When the dominoes fall down it causes sound. When the dominoes knock down the cup of backing soda it is kinetic energy. Once the backing soda and the vinegar mix it causes a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction showed thermal energy.
  • Data Section
  1. We wanted the marble to fall into a roller coaster                      We ended up using a poster board and made it into                                                                                                                      tunnel instead of a loop
  2. Dominoes could not knock down the cup of                              Instead of knocking down the vinegar, we changed it vinegar.                                                                                              to backing soda.
  • Discussion of Results:  Our project was a success. The difficulties we faced were trying to rebuild it at school and making it work. It was hard because we did not measure where everything had to be at, so we had to try it over and over again until we finally got it to where it was supposed to be. In addition, it was also frustrating setting up the dominoes because they would constantly fall over making all the other dominoes fall down. The reliability of our project is really good as long as everything is in the correct spot, although there were times when the dominoes fell to the side instead of falling forward. 
  • Reflection: In conclusion, seeing our final project work was great. We were very happy that our hard work payed off. We did face some problems, for example not being able to find the right material, and trying to figure out how to make the dominoes make the cup fall in the right direction. But working together we quickly found solutions to make our project work.  Our project ended up working so it was a success. Any changes that we would suggest would have to be to make the cup have some kind of support on both sides which would make it fall onto a certain direction. By doing this, it would make it very easy to make the backing soda fall right into the volcano.  We really liked working on a project that we had to make on our own since we never have to do these type of things in other classes. It was a fun experience. We were all very happy that our hard work payed off in the end, and seeing our project work, made us feel good. Working on this simple machine gave us a better understanding of the types of energy that we learned bout in class.