WALKING CLUB is in need of volunteers!  Please contact Cori Nevruz at if you would like to help!  


As part of our School Improvement Plan to develop community and business partnerships, First Federal Bank began a new program called Banking in Schools in 2012. Parsley was the first school in New Hanover County to be involved in this exciting program! Students have an opportunity to establish a savings account and bring money to school to make deposits. Community members from the bank will be here once each month to accept deposits and allow students to do their banking. This will take place in the morning before 8 AM on days opposite of walking club for each grade level. This will help students learn the importance of saving money and keeping track of deposits and savings, which is an important life skill. It also teaches financial literacy, which is an important 21st Century skill.



If you must check your child out of school before 2:30 p.m., you must come to the office to check your child out.  Please send a note in advance to the teacher stating the date, time and reason for early dismissal. Proper identification is required, so please be prepared to show your identification. Early dismissal cannot be accommodated after 2:00 p.m.


Transportation changes should be made in writing to your child's teacher.  If you have a last minute change, you must call the school and speak with office personnel. Do not leave a message on your child's teacher's voice mail. Please try to avoid phone messages. They are not as reliable as your written message. Delivering these messages disrupt the entire classroom. Transportation changes cannot be accommodated after 1:45 p.m.


Every Friday is SPIRIT DAY!  Show your school spirit by wearing Parsley apparel or our school colors, red, white, and blue!