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Behavior Coaching and Boarding                        

I work with companion birds, including Budgies, Cockatiels, Conures, true Parakeets, Lovebirds, Pionus, Quakers, Eclectus, Senegals, African Grays, and Macaws.  

Based in West Seattle, I serve the entire Puget Sound region. 

Licensed (UBI 603 164829) and Insured.  

PLEASE NOTE: Pampered Parrot does not sell or breed parrots. If you are considering adding a parrot to your family, please ADOPT instead of buying a young bird. Did you know that thousands of parrots are languishing in shelters and sanctuaries? Sadly, avian vets get calls regularly from people wanting to give up their birds.    

Please note: Pampered Parrot does not accept cockatoos or Quaker parrots for boarding. 


I donate to Zazu's House parrot sanctuary. Please consider supporting this premiere sanctuary. Zazu's House is located here in the Puget Sound area. An easy way to do this is through Amazon Smile, then type in Zazu's House (Woodinville, WA).  

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This is Gracie. He was two years old when I adopted him as a rescue in 2010, when he was living in a small, dark, filthy basement of a bird hoarder with 40+ other birds. In less than a week, he went from being terrified of being handled to a complete love who just wanted to cuddle, play, and not leave my side. When we first met, I had just gone for a visit, not intending to bring home a new bird. But I couldn't leave him behind. His six siblings had all chosen each other but not him. It was clear that he needed a home where he would be loved and appreciated for who he is. He needed a best friend, something he had never had before. His name comes from Grace, which is the trust he showed me after only one week. 



   *** Top of the Line Enrichment Toys and Cage Accessories ***

My enrichment toys are selected for specific species of parrots, and for specific behavior goals and needs.

I take great care in selecting the highest quality toys, swings, and perches available. Everything is sourced with safety and quality foremost in mind.  Many are made in the USA. 

Call for appointment. Together we will find the perfect great toys and cage accessories for your bird. 

                                                             A very happy Lago!                                    ... Duke likes Lago's toys best!

Behavior Coaching

My specialty is in working with the human-parrot dynamic, so that our homes are places of peaceful coexistence. All of my training is based on 100% positive reinforcement. 

Our companion parrots are flock animals and not domesticated. Their wild instincts drive their behavior. Screaming, biting, and other unwanted behaviors can be gently replaced with desired behaviors that work in our homes. Our birds can be fully integrated into our human families. As flock animals, they have a deep need to feel they belong to their family flock, whether it's human or avian.

Behavior is different from training. I work with my clients to address the underlying reasons why your bird is screaming, biting, strongly attached to only one member of your family, plucking, or exhibiting other behaviors that you want to address. You will come away with a much deeper understanding of how to effectively work with your bird.  

If you already have one bird and are planning to add a second one, I can help you select the most appropriate species and support your introduction process  -- which can be challenging. Getting off to a great start will make your life easier in the long run. 


Five-star home boarding. I strive to be your Pampered Parrot's favorite home away from home

Meticulously clean, peaceful, limited number of birds at any one time, gentle approach.

Would you like your bird to receive loving care, organic foods, and time outside her cage while you are away? I provide personalized service based on what is best for you and your bird. Choose Bed & Breakfast quality or a more basic level of service for your feathered family member.   

I offer an a la carte menu of services, including free flight, supervised playtime outside the cage, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade organic pilaf made specifically for parrots, and organic breads. 

Or you can choose no additional services and your bird will still receive exceptional care. See my Compare Our Services page for details. And see my Rates page for pricing information. 

I keep my home warm day and night so your bird will be comfortable and remain healthy. 

I pay close attention to each bird as he or she lets me know what they need and want. One may want apple slices, another would like a bath, and yet another wants time out of the cage to cuddle and play. Each of them will receive the attention that you have requested. Your bird will be treated like a member of my family, with lots of loving one-on-one attention.  

For the safety and comfort of all the birds, only one bird is out of his or her cage at a time. This is a bird-only home. 


This is Bruji, a Severe Macaw, who is not at all severe, of course. He's a sweetheart who loves being the life of the party, which we actually had when he was here. --And it was where he met 10-year-old Leah who fell in love with him, and he with her. When Leah heard about Bruji, she could hardly wait to meet him, thinking she would meet Blu, the Sphinx Macaw in the animated movie RioInstead, she got to know Bruji, who truly won her heart as she got to know a real macaw.(Sphinx Macaws are highly endangered.)


I take the health of your birds very seriously

All birds must pass an avian exam by a competent avian vet within the past 12 months. If you do not have an avian vet, I can suggest several in the Puget Sound region. The exam involves cultures, bloodwork, and a physical exam.   

What does an avian exam entail? The Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) website is an excellent resource for anyone with a bird. The exam costs about $200 or slightly less. Normally, test results come back in approximately 48 hours, however, if a complication is found, an outside lab may be required, which would take more time. 

Ideally, I recommend allowing a full week or two for all test results to come in, just in case. Also, keep in mind that busy summer and holiday travel can mean that you will need to book your appointment with your avian vet at least a week in advance. 

About the exam: If you see that that your bird is overly stressed during your appointment with your vet, don’t hesitate to stop the exam to give her a break. Do this even if it means that the vet goes on to the next appointment and then comes back to you later. If you have any concerns during your appointment on how she is being handled or her stress level, immediately step in and do what you need to do to protect her. Even the best vets can have bad days, which occasionally can result in the loss of a bird. It’s rare but it can happen even with experienced avian vets. You are your bird’s advocate.

Please note: If your bird appears to be unhealthy, I will not be able to accept her until she has been cleared for boarding by the avian vet. This is for the safety of all the other birds and people here (some avian diseases can be transferred to humans). And this is true even if your bird was shown to be healthy in an exam that has taken place within the past 12 months. 



Plan ahead for holidays and summer vacation

I accept only a limited number of birds for boarding and fill up quickly. I recommend reserving a place for your bird as soon as you know your travel schedule. Also, I can be your home-away-from-home for your bird if you are having your home painted or remodeled, or if you have house guests who are allergic to birds.


To contact me, please see my Contact Us page. 

I am located in the heart of West Seattle, a few blocks west of the the Alaska Junction. 

Map shows approximate location. 

Seattle, WA 98116


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