Paropsisterna bimaculata

Paropsisterna bimaculata is endemic to Tasmania.  The elytral patterns are pale and lack the beading of P. agricola.  There are two distinct black marks on the pronotum and often two additional pale ones.  

Paropsisterna bimaculata  Exton, Tasmania.   (1/2015)   Specimen collected by Ian.  

 Paropsisterna bimaculata  Victorian Alps.   (11/2015)   Specimen collected by Geoff.  


Paropsisterna bimaculata (Olivier, 1807) 

Map source ALA;  Paropsisterna bimaculata

Records;            Date         Reference                    Collector          Photographer         Source

1/  Hobart           11/10      -43.021121, 147.926445                                Nuytsia                    EOL
2/  Mt Wellington 12/11 -42.8959352,147.2359734    Tony                 Tony                        IOTas 
3/   Exton;          1/2015    -41.515599, 146.728623       Ian                    Martin                     pers. sighting
4/  Murchison   3/2015    -41.432586, 145.608297       Rob                   Rob Dean               BB
5/  Victoria        11/2015   -37.0210184,147.2557385  Geoff                 Geoff                       pers. sighting

  They develop the red color just before their winter hibernation. When they emerge the red slowly disappears into a pale green colouring with faint gold tessellation. This takes about a month with the males generally slightly advanced (DeLittle 1983).